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bookcrossing...the next chapter

So far, since joining bookcrossing.com, I have only released books, but I finally "caught" one.  Okay, it was a controlled release by a fellow bookcrosser who was celebrating her birthday by giving away some of her books (3 lucky recipients from the USA, 1 from outside the US).  She said it has become an annual event for her...to give "gifts" to other bookcrossers.  What a great idea! I may do the same in the future (that's how great an idea it is, that I feel it is worth copying).

With the receipt of this book, Resistance by Anita Shreve, and getting a new library book, First Family by David Baldacci, I am now back up to reading three books.  I am nearly done with Little Face by Sophie Hannah and have full intentions of releasing it through bookcrossing.com (one of the reasons I purchased it).  Thus far, it is an interesting read.  I haven't figured out if the main character, Alice, is crazy or not or if her family (husband David and mother-in-law Vivienne) is actually the ones behind her insanity.  I guess in a day or so, I'll know.  

On the other hand, I need to start reading First Family.  Because it is a new release, there is a waiting list for it and the library shortens the time between check-out and return; however, Baldacci's novels are always page turners and I can't wait to dive into his newest.  He is one of those authors that having discovered his works (thanks to my older sister) I can't wait to read.

Yet, I still have Resistance to read.  Since it is mine, at least, temporarily, I will put it off until last. Anita Shreve is another author that I really enjoy reading.  Resistance is one of the few of hers that I haven't read.  Once finished with it, I intend to release it again so that perhaps another reader will pick it up and read.   

But for now, to finish Little Face first or dive right into Baldacci...choices, choices!