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bookcrossing,..RABCK and beyond, the readathon continues..

Quick blog...I "wild released" a book, Ender's Shadow by Orson Scott Card  today and have had several released books (through the RABCK) show up on the site in the past few days.  The latest just showed up a few minutes ago and was number 2 on the list of "recently caught" as of ten minutes ago.

More importantly, the recipient journaled the book, McGowan's Call by Rob Smith, and said that she opened the book while waiting for the site to load.  During this interval, she read the first page and didn't want to put the book down, and that it took all of her will to actually journal it.  Personally, I love all the "McGowan" books, and it is gratifying to see others respond so positively about a book (and author) I love.  

In the meantime, I still have about 14 hours to read in the bookcrossing readathon for the last week of October, first week of November, so I'd best get reading if I'm to make the 24!