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bookcrossing,..RABCK and beyond

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, I bookcross!  For those not familiar with the concept, bookcrossing.com is a place where readers register books and release them into the "wild" or via controlled releases.  If found, they can be catalogued, too.

Recently, I have started a RABCK, which is a controlled release situation where those bookcrossers that may be interested  can sign up to get a book of yours. People do these random book releases for all sorts of reasons such as the color of the cover, or an event like a birthday or anniversary, or you-name-it-I'll-release-it, etc.  In other words, getting books out there.  I have started one, for the first time, since it is my birthday month.  In the case of my RABCK, I have confined my book selections (for the bookcrossers) to those from the press for whom I work!

Don't know how many takers I'll get, but it should be fun to send books off to people I've never met face to face, only through a shared love of books.  What's even better, some independent press authors will get some new readers! And that's a good thing for everyone.