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Blue jays across the fence..

I like blue jays.  Not everyone does, I know, but I like them despite their squabbling nature.  Or perhaps because of it.  We feed the birds all winter, and even now continue to feed them as they migrate north.  I especially like the jays coming to the feeder and put out peanuts for them.  They compete with the squirrels for them, but they have gotten used to watching for the peanuts to appear.  Once the peanuts are thrown out, it is generally just a short matter of time before up to six different jays come.  Obviously, they have some sort of watch out because I will hear their call and in they come to collect their treat. 

We get other birds such as cardinals (the cat's favorite), mourning doves (which I could do without, however ever since a red-tailed hawk swooped into grab one once, I don't say it aloud any more), juncos, woodpeckers of various kinds, and sparrows (just to name a few).   We like the variety of the birds who come, but to be honest, sometimes I think we feed the birds for the cat's amusement.  She loves watching them; she firmly believes that if she had the opportunity, she could catch them all. 

As spring makes its way towards summer (and the bird food runs out), the birds will head back towards the woods nearby; however,  I will still hear the blue jays as they call across the road to each other. They always remind me of two squabbling neighbors arguing over the back fence, which brings me one of my haiku...


                                       summer walk

                                   across the fence

                                  blue jays' argument