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at war with myself...or raising money for a good cause

Right now, I am at war with myself.  I have been asked (for about the fifth or sixth time) to raise money for the American Diabetes Association Family and Friends campaign.  Personally, I am not only a pharmacist, but I'm also a diabetes educator.  Add to that, I am a professional member of the ADA; I am not a person with diabetes (the politically correct terminology, by the way), but I deal daily with many who are.  I know the importance of educating the public about the risks of diabetes (more on that later), but my dilemma is that my family hasn't changed (and I have hit them up for the cause (read: money) repeatedly) and the same is basically true of my friends. 

The price of stamps to send out the educational letters (with the request for support) doesn't bother me; it's the continual request for the money that does.  I don't want my family and friends thinking, "Oh no, not her again!" especially since financial crisis has hit nearly everyone to some degree.  Face it, times are tight for everyone...those with diabetes and those without.

Thus, I am at war with myself.  I need to do what is right by the ADA and also what is right by my friends and family.  I don't want the ADA to go without funds (they do a fantastic job supporting research, etc), but I don't want to drive my "supporters" crazy either (with repeated requests for money...I know that the ADA will utilize my return list to send further requests to those who are generous enough to give).  Either way, I guess I need to send off some letters.