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..and on to the next book

My library book group, The Book Exchange, is meeting tomorrow night to discuss our latest read, Love in the Present Tense.  I'm not sure what our next read will be;  however, I'm sure I will be in for a pleasant surprise.  Generally, most of this book group's choices have not been books that I would have  chosen for myself, but I have enjoyed getting out of my normal reading realm. In the meantime, I'll go back to the others I have here to read, Landscape with Fragment Figures by Jeff Vande Zande and Phoenix: Firestorm by Joseph Allen, since I finished up Wayne Adler's Mourning Glory earlier today.

Frankly, I picked the book for the title because it reminded me of a nickname that my father has called me in the past.   A quick review of the novel...basically, Grace, a woman in her late thirties, is fired from her job at Saks, but the HR woman suggests an unique exit strategy: find an older, newly-grieving widower who happens to be well off and marry him.  Worried about her own dwindling finances, her daughter, as well as her daughter's new (and unacceptable) boyfriend, and his influence in her life, Grace starts "haunting" funerals and finds a potential mate in Sam.  She spins a web of lies about her life in order to become closer to Sam.  It works almost too well, but her daughter, his son, and her daughter's boyfriend do their best to destroy what might be a good thing for both.  In the end, her web of lies may cost her to lose all that holds dear. Overall, a good read; based on this novel, I'll be checking out other books by this author.   

Of course, with the upcoming release of the newest Harry Potter movie, I intend to re-read the sixth in the series to refresh my memory of the story.  Just a couple days to go (but I'm not counting) so I need to get reading.