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A war of words???

Recently I have been experiencing what I would call is a "war of words", but that really doesn't describe it very well.  As I have mentioned many times, I am a bookcrosser and spend time on bookcrossing.com and sending (as well as receiving) books all around the world to fellow bookcrossers. 

I also have recently started sending books to the troops and veterans through Operation Paperback (www.operationpaperback.org).  That got started about the time I was involved with the annual Friends of the Huron Public Library's book sale.  I purchased many books from the sale just for that purpose.  In fact, after the sale ended, I purchased all the remaining novels that no one had chosen so that I could send out more books to more troops.  

I am still slowly going through them as there are numerous boxes to comb through when I get a request for certain genres.  Not all genres are welcomed by the troops; some books have more appeal than others, and they prefer paperbacks to reduce the cost of the postage to the senders.   Unfortunately, many of the books are hardback, but generally I just don't worry much about the postage costs (considering the cost of sending books around the world to other bookcrossers, but I digress) since the sacrifices that the troops make are much more than the ones I make.  

I really have digressed, though...the war of words is between sending to the troops versus sharing and sending to friends.  I want to do both, but sometimes, the choice is hard and I feel pulled between choosing between sending ten or twenty books to Iraq or Afghanistan or one or two books to a friend who wants a book that I can give or that I have committed to send via a Rabck*. 

Right now, the troops are winning out; the 1% of the population that serves in the United States military deserve our support as well as books to read.  Perhaps because one of my sons is serving in the military, I feel more compelled to be a volunteer for Operation Paperback. Not only do I send him books, but other soldiers, airmen, and military personnel get books to read, too.

On a different, but somewhat related, subject, I am the current president of the Friends of the Huron Library organization.  I know that certain things should be done by the end of the year, one of which is the updating of our bylaws...again, a war of words!   


* Rabck--a Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness