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A small stone....January 9 (The Big Bang!)

Huron, Ohio is a small city on the coast of Lake Erie.  Its roots go back to the 1830s when it was known as the leading steamship builder.  Through the years, it has been the home to other industrial operations like the lime plant, a paint factory, and  the ConAgra plant.  It is the last one that has seen the most changes, and particularly in light of yesterday's happening. 

From that event, I get today's small stone:

the population doubled, tripled; all for the event--the implosion of the largest building, celebratory crowds watching fireworks designed to scare away the wildlife, listening for sirens, alert to the sequential blasts that pancaked the building into piles of rubble, into clouds of smoke and dust while the crowds cheered

This stone still needs some polishing and shaping, but to experience the implosion virtually, check out the Youtube video by my husband, Rob Smith!