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A small stone....January 8

The month of January is a month of people around the world writing small stones as suggested by Red Room's Fiona Robyn.  Small stones are a way to try to capture a particular moment or an observation with a few words.  Most do not, however, include stones of any kind although I have a friend, Jules Paige, who took it literally a year ago and wrote a month's worth of small stones on the subject of stones.  She found more inspiration in the idea of stones, rocks, or pebbles than I ever could.

Nonetheless, I make an exception today.  My small stone is truly about small stones, or not, depending on the way it is interpreted.

  walking the lake shore beach, in search of beach glass,  glass that has been shaped, battered, and buffeted by the wind, waves, and the rocks of a body of water.  I see plenty of smooth, rounded stones and pebbles scattered on the shore, but it is the scratched, unpolished shards I seek. Finally, realizing there are none to be had, pocketing a few emerald pebbles instead, turning to leave, I see one...a tiny, glittering, roughened chartreuse shard I add to the smooth, dark emerald pebbles in my hand

This stone, like beach glass, is rough and needs some polishing to bring it to its most beautiful.  Tomorrow, I'll go again and seek the elusive glass scattered in the surf of Lake Erie.