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A small stone....January 6 and New Year's resolutions resolved

I live in Ohio on the coast of Lake Erie.  I have lived in Ohio all my life.  Not in the same city or village, but I have lived all around the state.  Those who live in Ohio joke that it is a state with four seasons, and sometimes all of them occur on the same day.  Today's small stone comes from the fact that today it is sunny, mild, and the temperature was in the fifties. 

    the calendar says winter, the calendar says January...but the temperature says spring today, and the sunlight feels warm against exposed skin as we walk down to the river.

This stone is subject to revision of shaping and polishing to clarify the moment.

On a different subject, my last year's resolutions for the new year were to read more books than the previous year.  It was also to improve upon my pedometer statistics.  In other words, to put more steps on my pedometer than the previous year. 

With the first goal or resolution, I succeeded by reading eighty-seven books.  I had actually met that goal a month or so ago.  Within that resolution, I also had a few auxiliary resolutions connected to it.  I participated in bookcrossing.com's SIY (set-it-yourself) challenges and pages read challenge.  I overextended myself in thinking I could manage to read more than I did for several quarters of the SIY challenge and fell short of my "required" reading list all four quarters.  Despite this, I has decided to continue with the SIY challenge this quarter and have chosen nineteen particular titles to read.  Some of them are books that are for my library book group; some have been given to me by other bookcrossers as gifts; others are book ring books (books that passed around and each bookcrosser reads them); and some are of my own choosing, and a few of them are also classics that I have never taken the time to read.  At the same time, I also have other books that I read instead of my list.  This is the reason why I generally fall short of completing the SIY books, too.

The other bookcrossing challenge (pages read throughout the year) I managed to surpass, twice.  Not having any idea how many pages I normally read, I chose a conservative number of pages to read (20,000 pages).  Having met that number in late September, I added another 5,000 pages to my challenge, and completed that in November.  For this year, I added another 5,000 pages to make a goal of 30,000 pages read.  However, I often feel it doesn't matter how many pages are read as long as the reading is enjoyable.

Of the books I read this past year, about a quarter of them were non-fiction, the rest fiction.  Fifty-three of the authors were new authors to me.  Several of the new authors, though, having read them, I have read more of their works. A few notable books that I read in 2011 include The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher as well as the series by Stieg Larsson. 

My December reads were diverse reads, and are as follows:

   Follow the Star  by T.D. Jakes

   What We Keep  by Elizabeth Berg

   The Senator and the Priest  by Andrew Greeley

   Perfect Family  by Pam Lewis

   Jerusalem Spring  by Fares Aoun

   Fortune's Rocks  Anita Shreve

   Chat to Your Cat  by Martina Braun

   Queen of Babble  by Meg Cabot

   Something Special  by Iris Murdoch

My pedometer geekiness will  continue into 2012, and like my reading, I hope to improve on each of them.  I hope to attain more days of at least 10,000 steps. That's it for resolutions...don't need anything else as long as I work to keep both my body and mind healthy and growing.