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70K and the pedometer geek

My Red Room statistics hit 70,000 a day ago, and I was ecstatic.  Normally, I would have blogged about it, thanking everyone who contributed to this, but decided against it this time. I must admit that seeing the quarter million hits of Christopher Meeks humbled me.  By the way, Christopher, well done! 

Well, I was thrilled until I managed to misplace (read: lost) my pedometer yesterday evening.  This pedometer geek freaks out whenever the pedometer goes missing.  Even though I am still taking steps, they don't count. Well, they do, but they don't as there is no way to track them.

As soon as I realized that it was not in my pocket, I went looking.  I serached in the car; I looked all over the house, and I even looked in the parking lot where I recalled I had pulled it out to check the time (my pedometer not only records steps, aerobic steps, calories burned, and mileage, but also has a digital clock that functions as a watch.) so I knew I had it up until 3:30PM yesterday.  I could not locate it, and figured I would look today when it was daylight once again.

This morning I managed to find an older pedometer that isn't as reliable and also needed a new battery.  I found a battery, replaced the other one, and got ready to leave.  It stopped counting steps at 183 steps.  After that, I knew I would need to purchase another new battery (I knew that the one I replaced it with was marginal at best) if I was to continue to use this one.

When I returned home, there on the sidewalk hiding amongst the leaves was my pedometer.  Apparently, it had fallen out of my pocket and onto the leaves, thus no noise that alerted me to the fact that it was gone.  So this pedometer geek is ecstatic once again as my Red Room numbers climb and my steps count. 


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Congratulations!  May 70,000

Congratulations!  May 70,000 roses bloom around your door and may you live to see 70,000 candles on your cake!

And now, add another!  ~M


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Mara,   As long as they are


  As long as they are yellow ones, my favorites.  As for the candles, I don't think I could see through all the wrinkles that would mean.  Laughing here,  nan

PS.  And thankful for your loving support, too.

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Congrats Nancy! I always

Congrats Nancy!

I always enjoy your posts.


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Thanks Annette.  I can't tell

Thanks Annette.  I can't tell you how much that means.  My posts range from silly to less silly, and sometimes a bit profound (okay, at least I hope a few are more than just blathering and digressions). ~nan

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2X Congratulations


Congratulations are in order both for finding your lost pedometer and for reaching 70K hits on Red Room. Looking forward cheering loudly when you cross the monster 100K line. George

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Thanks, George, and thanks

Thanks, George, and thanks again.  I was more concerned about the pedometer than the statistics.  There are those who tell me to let the pedometer thing go, that losing them (I think I have managed to own about ten of them over the years) is my unconscious mind saying to "give it up, already!"  But I won't until I hit the magic 10K for a month.  I've gotten close a few times, but have never quite succeeded.  

As for 100K, I figure it is going to take another year to make that mark, and if the Mayans are right, in a month it won't matter. ~nan


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I guess that readership stat

I guess that readership stat is growing by the nanosecond! Congrats, Nan. mx

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The NANosecond?  A Pun,

The NANosecond?  A Pun, Mary?  Actually, looking at my stats from yesterday, it was one of the highest daily numbers I've ever had.  Wish I had something more important to say like you did about Savita.  Her story needs to go viral (and global).  All my best, nan