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We're All Thrilled!

Hana and Saba are thrilled that their story will be included in  Jennifer Skiff’s book, The Divinity of Dogs:  A Collection of Spiritually Enlightening Canine Interventions, published by Simon & Schuster. The release is slated for the summer of 2012.

I’ve been working hard on my next book, Tales of an Animal Communicator – Master Teachers. I’ve completed the introduction and 12 chapters. My wonderful book designer, Janet Aiossa, has created a fabulous illustration for the front cover that I’m thrilled with. One friend and fellow author’s feedback about the cover told me that I’d accomplished just what I’d intended. I don’t think she’d mind if I shared her comments with you.

I am just blown away with the cover…how beautiful, mystical, magical and communicative of love, connection, reflection, Oneness with all beings and blessed peace. This is awesome.”

I’ll keep you posted on Tales‘ progress!