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Honoring My Dad!

Please enjoy my article, Daddy’s Little Girl, in the June issue of  “The Infinite Field Magazine.”  I was blessed with a great dad who will be gone 10 years this August. Read about this special man at http://theinfinitefieldmagazine.com/daddy%E2%80%99s-little-girl/

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Nancy, what a perfect tribute to a wonderful father. One of the most loving stories I've read. My dad too is gone, as well as my mom. Thank you for sharing.

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You're Welcome

Thanks Sharon for your kind words about my article. I really appreciate them. Sometimes I wonder if the time I spend posting my notices to all these sites is worthwhile. It's nice to know people are out there reading my words. I was surely blessed with great parents and a charmed childhood. They prepared me very well for life. They're never really gone for our memories hold them in our hearts!