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Nancy Hendrickson's Biography

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San Diego, CA
Sep 2009

Nancy specializes in writing and consulting on corporate and personal histories, coffee table books, and ghostwriting projects.

She has been a writer most of her life, with seven non-fiction books to her credit, as well as hundreds of magazine articles.

When not writing, she travels the frontier west, indulging her passion for photography and history.

Born in St. Joseph, Missouri, she grew up in a family of book-lovers; her own love of writing began in early childhood when she created fantasy stories and history-based tales.

Nancy currently lives in San Diego, California, but spends much of her time traveling to Northeast, Florida, the Pacific Northwest and the Frontier.

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Interests & Hobbies

Nancy loves:

  • stunt kites
  • website audits
  • genealogy
  • Photoshop
  • Canon DSLRs
  • cats
  • Montana
  • Internet marketing
  • Zuni bear fetishes
  • Web analytics