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My work blog.  I have almost the best job - I am an artist and writer.  I started as a pastel figure artist after an early retirement from a successful business career.  That quickly turned into Essence Portraits when I became aware that there is a difference between drawing models and people.  Those that were drawn to being drawn are oh so alive and each had a story to tell, like drawing a real flower verses a flower from a photograph.  Where is the soul?

As a result and in partnership with various San Francisco Hotel’s (including the W) Essence Portraits were offered to hotel guests as an “only in San Francisco” experience.  This unique and fabulous venture prompted me to write and self published a book about these experiences 

Offered as an opportunity to be the star of your own masterpiece with three pastel renditions and a joint conversation / interpretation of each piece, many experience a transformation as they see themselves as lovely, amazing and unique.  To be reintroduced to your essence, the part you don't always see in the mirror - I call it your perfume - is quite fabulous!

 Some liken the experience  to “medicine” as it often provides a new outlook on an old situation.  Besides Alzheimer Darlings, I  has drawn cancer survivors, amputees, abused children; those wanting to see the good in a bad situation and those celebrating and giving thanks for a good day.  As we speak and interpret the drawings together, it is my hope that you see yourself and your World in a more loving way.

 My book, Loving You:  Celebrating the Body Through Art  chronicles personal transitions available through self-discovery and acceptance.  My groundbreaking work with Essence Portraits provides a window into awareness, renewed self-esteem, acceptance, and most importantly, gratitude.  Won’t you join me?

 PS - The only things that would make my job exactly perfect is that my book is picked up by a publisher so that many more can realize the important of loving YOU.  Of course drawing more people through essence portraits would be a wonderful.  

 Remember to thank your body every day; without it where would you be!