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Book Shops Saga

Hey everyone,

This is my first ever post on RR. And today, I am going to talk to you all about book shops. Interested yet?

Of course, a book shop is every reader and writer's favorite place to be. It's filled with the world's bestest things; books. And man, how I love the look of book shops. They are so graceful, always calling you to disappear in them for ever and ever. Of course, I am in love with them!

In my opinion, a book shops success depends upon two factors: it should have a lot of books, and of every type. People have different tastes, they write different books, and different people read them. A book-shop should cater to all.

My favorite book shop are the old-book shops and Mr. Books stores. In old-book shops, you get books cheap, and often in quite good health. At Mr. Books, you get all the latests. It's a pity that I don't buy much from them (it's not often that I get the time ;] )

Anyway, every book shop is a book shop. you can't stop from loving them!