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  I read about Ashley Billasano, the teenager who tweeted and then committed suicide and I was saddened. And then I remembered similar stories in the past and began to wonder. Is it that there is more suicide now, or simply that it is more reported in the media? I And more disturbing...
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  In one of the blogging tips posts I did on "more Comments" for your blog, Amb Caleb commented that he needed some tips on ranking. That got me thinking because I didn't have a ready answer for him. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't as if I hadn't heard of blog rankings before, but, I had...
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My first novel
I walked into the large hall quietly. It was a party and there were several rooms. I had been watching the people in the front hall through the glass doors for a while before making up my mind to join them. Some people glanced my way when I called out a greeting. Two older women walked over and...
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What a coincidence on the call for blogs on freedom of speech because today also, for most Nigerians, marks the 15th anniversary of the Military execution of the social activist, Ken Saro-Wiwa. He was killed for speaking out against injustice and oppression of the minority ethnic groups in the...
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Happy new month everybody. To our topic, this is a very deep question, and one I have to consider for my characters in each romance novel I write. For Nanowrimo, I am starting a new story with two fiery, hard-headed characters and my imagination is already wandering far into their future and I'm...
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I have written a short piece on how we can have success in our romantic relationships and I want to know what others think. The truth is that having a successful relationship will take a lot of work from both partners. Like someone once mentioned in a group discussion, “success takes patience,...
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So I come across this debate a lot of the time. What is the meaning of Feminism? Who is a Feminist. I am one of the people who identify as the latter. And while people tiptoe about the issue or the word, I say it plainly. I am a feminist. I am not confused by the noise, I know where I stand. I...
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