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Six-Word Memoirs

Darkness, black.  "PERMISSION." Brightness, white.  --Soobin Park

Dear Friends,

Warmest thanks for following the link below, and posting--if you feel so moved--comments on the six-word memoirs of my students at Guilford College.  These are young people who have not, until now, considered themselves to be writers, and they are sharing their work with the world for the very first time:


And thank you for all you do to support writers and writing!


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thank you

much enjoyed blog connection--

the story telling

and learning to say mee-LENN   :)

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Thanks . . .

. . . Dolores, for checking it out!

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6 Words

Elliot's 6 words made my heart stop.  Thanks for sharing.  I'm going to try this in my writers group, right after we complete our 100 word story which we're working on now!

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How did it work out?

Eva, how did this exercise work out with your writing group?  I would love to hear about it!  And I will pass your comment on to Elliot, who will be thrilled.

All best,