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I Now Have A Book on Kindle--And You Can Too
The Floodmakers--Kindle Edition

Dear Friends,

After much delay, I'm pleased to be able to say my novel The Floodmakers (Putnam, 2004) is finally available in a Kindle edition.  Acquiring the rights to an older title (if published elsewhere first), getting it properly formatted for Kindle and getting it published takes a wee bit of time--but that's it, my friends.  It's nothing compared to the writing itself.  It's butter.  You need only:

confirm that you own the electronic rights to your book;

have your book available as a Word or HTML document;

take the time to complete the four steps in the Kindle publishing process.

Et voilá.

I'll leave it at that (I don't work for Amazon nor care to; I prefer that it work for me).  But if you have questions about the process, do feel free to ask.

Take charge of your work wherever you can, my friends.  It is yours.  It is yours.