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"I gasped the first time we came over the great swell of rock that buttresses the Canyonlands. It’s like falling, but standing still. The land opens, evaporates from under you. The world goes so wide you think you’ve missed it. More buttresses of stone float past—Church Rock, Tuhkinikivats Arch,...
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Yesterday, near Round Mountain in Utah, I found a jagged stone struck by many tiny blows, leaving behind the trace of the human being who had met and shaped it. It wasn't a perfect arrowhead--part of the bottom was missing--but still I held it in my hand, wonderingly. All my life I've hoped to...
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Feel like escaping for a moment, and stepping outdoors, to number the birds? I'm delighted to share that my first piece of nature writing--a new genre for me--has just been published by Flyway: Journal of Writing and Environment. From the notes Flyway asked me to provide to accompany my piece, "The...
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So this week my first novel, The Medusa Tree, was re-released as an e-book by a wonderful paperless publisher, Untreed Reads: When my agent sold the book to this company a few months ago, I was delighted that my Tree was going digital and tree-less at last, and (in comparison to the pricey...
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Pick up the May 2013 issue of Reader's Digest to read my essay about how I left the ground  . . .  available at your magazine or checkout stand now!  
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In 2007, I came to live, for a humid fall season, in the home where I am writing this now. In this home a woman, now long dead, hunched over a typewriter--at least, I always imagine Carson McCullers hunching when she wrote, because her shoulders in photos always look slightly rounded, and her body...
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My new novella, The Wedding of Anna F., has been published this week in Big Fiction. Here is how the story, about a woman who believes she is Anne Frank, begins: The interviewer is coming today. So. Here is the simple part: choosing what to wear. I’ve told my little assistant buzzing downstairs—...
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It's been a while since I posted on American Stories NOW. I could tell you I have been busy. I have been. I can tell you I am sometimes overwhelmed by stories, that I don't always feel up to the challenge of honoring the real people I meet; that sometimes it's easier to write fiction; that...
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So: today I completed the final edits to my novella, The Wedding of Anna F., which will be published later this fall. Which leaves me time and brings me back to my questions from earlier this week: Why do I, a novelist, find myself writing in this shorter form? And what are the challenges of...
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Dear Friends, This week the Atticus Review has published some of my flash fiction, a very short story about the day a strange force arose from the sea: http://atticusreview.org/the-occupation/ Later this fall, my novella--or very short novel--will be published by the (wonderfully named) small press...
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I've been thinking about my ballet-dancing days today.  As some of you know, before I was a writer, I was a professional ballet dancer, a career I loved to the moon and back; the stage also taught me a great deal I would use on the page--about rhythm, pacing, arc, tempo, movement, stamina,...
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   At Fifth and Market       An old woman sits at a window. A street runs below her.  It once shuttled fattened taxis past her building. Now buses, on natural fuel, run silent as fog.     Men, one day, stopped wearing hats. Young people dressed...
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Dear Friends, Yesterday I led a writing workshop at a writers conference, and today was contacted by a participant with questions that still burned: How do we keep going?  How do we make ourselves keep writing, without any real deadline or urgency?  How on earth do we stick to it? Here,...
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Dear Friends, I'm very proud to announce that I am now part of new graffiti, a grassroots publishing project that gets literature out of our iPads and Kindles, off of our bookshelves, and onto the streets!  Want to get involved?  Go to http://newgraffitipublishing.com/ and check out its...
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Darkness, black.  "PERMISSION." Brightness, white.  --Soobin Park Dear Friends, Warmest thanks for following the link below, and posting--if you feel so moved--comments on the six-word memoirs of my students at Guilford College.  These are young people who have not, until now,...
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