where the writers are
scattered pictures

yesterday came so easy for me

see i could be sitting here listening to my babies babble all day 

and suddenly travel a million miles back yesterday

i could hear, see and smell all the things we did back then

run my fingers over past rememberances feeling the silky touch 

of what was back when

i'm having a hard time catching up 

cause i'm so stuck on what was

trying to put my mind in present time format lines

while all i can do is travel back down memories left so far behind

i see donna and stacey, eddie and kia, kim and karen

hear voices in the lilted tones of when i was young

standing still so i don't miss none

where did all my time long gone go

wishing to be grown i guess i lost what was

i can hear my babies babble, tell me in laughter of the stories i've captured

but i'm stuck in past perfect rewind

running my fingers over memories i can't recapture.