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The Trinity
the trinity is life above all else

The Truth

The Realization

The Repeat


The final 3 Body Shots...a love story

We have all been something that someone else deemed worthy or unfit

We have all looked at ourselves as blessed or cursed

And it has all been based on what others have seen in, for us or about us

The truth is others perceptions of us helped, hurt and created who we see before our mirrors

The reality is we have the gift and the power

To accept, recreate or ignore what others view us to be

The repeat is that we relive these decisions, recreations, realizations every other moment of our lives. 

We replay them willingly or suggestively

How we react to them are the choices of our growth, understanding and willingness to evolve.  

We can not do it alone...the company we keep determines our view of ourselves.

These poems, observations, descriptions of our lives, our bodies are meant to see us in a different way...a mixture of the views given and our own perceptions.

All of us are beautiful may be not to others but to ourselves and it is up to us to recreate the image of beauty outwardly.




The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ...

The first revolution is in the mind

Gil Scott-Heron