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The Oprah Effect - 365 Days of Life Class
I'm beginning from here

Good Morning!

To be honest I don't know if you'll ever read this but I don't think its for you  necessarily, I think its more for me to see what I've accomplished if I put my mind to it.

So here we go....gotta love that Oprah effect!

Day 365
I woke up today and realized what day it was.........ITS OWN DAY!

The new season of OWN started and I will be the first to say THANK GOD!   

This is the reason I got cable again...ok it was the $15 decrease in my existing bill too but mainly for OWN.

The customer service guys are still laughing at how upset I was when I realized my package didn't include it.I wanted to watch OWN, dammit, KOOL AID PLEASE!.

My family and I have been without cable for over a year, we watched everything through the internet and those shows we couldn't get just got lost in the shuffle of life.

Its amazing how selective you become when you don't have a tv guide in front of you, your memory of those shows you really liked become very small indeed.

Thank God The Amazing Race was available at midnight.....I don't think I could have made it through the night without Phil and the Globetrotters. I will not even begin to tell you how I'm now very into the Amazing Race Australia and Asia, its not pretty people not at all.

Now I will admit I have been a lax Oprah fan, that tends to happen when you work all day and have no life outside of school projects and a confused MS Word that keeps getting stuck on your last paragraph, but I rediscovered why I admired her so much during this past year.

It wasn't the news reports about the FINAL SEASON or the show and topics it was actually the OWN network premise.
"Intelligent television with a heart" that's what I called it. I was addicted to Lisa Ling's Our America and Addicted to Food.

Finally television that didn't show me the grimy side of life, the dangled carrot of want or the breasts of some nubile young next to be semi important for 15 seconds too long.

It was different and I want different dammit...why be like everyone else its boring as hell, let's just admit it now, I'm too tired to play games today.

When I saw what was coming for this next season I was enthralled. I wanted, needed to be apart of it somehow even if it was the clips on the internet. thank goodness Verizon saw the light and got their act together before the season started or I'd have had to put out a trail of treats for the FIOS guy that kept driving around the neighborhood.

When I realized what the date was I flipped through the station guide and vowed that my day would be filled with O highlights, some much needed work on my power point presentation and finally Life Class....YES!
No need to touch the remote cause we're not moving folks!
bon bons anyone?!

At some point in this euphoric moment of being, I got the sense that I needed, no wanted to challenge myself....okay I've been doing that a lot lately but this was something different I wanted to try and document my change. A real time journal of what I was becoming.

I decided to track my Life Class experience, yes something else for me to do.....one of these days I'm gonna actually use my to do list for something other than a cup holder.

Writers write that's what we do,

we write about everything and anything. So today I'm going to write about what changes, if any, I have made during Oprah's Life Class.

I'm a blank page right now because I want to be, and slowly I'm being written over by everything I've been open to. Which is scary and thrilling at the same time for me.

Something wonderful has been happening to me over the past 2 years and I like it.

Since I already write about seeing my life in connection with the universe I might as well get some real ideas from someone other than me.

I'm really not that interesting but I give me a minute I will be

so thanks Oprah and all those connected to you
today I'm living in the moment

let's see what happens