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Random Thoughts of Kindness
Kindness cat and bird

Some time ago

Someone told me I was too naive

I gave people too much credit sometimes

they couldn't understand

how and why I saw beauty and kindness around me and they couldn't

For a while it made me question why I chose to live my life in a particular way

and I could never quite come up with an answer for them

Its been a few years now and I finally have an answer

Although I reserve the right to amend my personal view should somebody come along and tick me off...

not really

I believe that people are basically kind

that when it comes down to the wire they will perform extraordinary acts of kindness

Don't get me wrong...

I know people will choose to do horrific, mind numbingly cruel things to others

I have witnessed and been subject to some of those moments

But I have also seen and been the recipient of such caring and loving kindness that it has brought me to tears

I've been blessed to encounter moments where people have fed my children and paid my bill because they saw a need

and all they asked me to do in return was to give what had been given to someone else

I have been invited into peoples lives and their homes simply by having email conversations that turned into friendships that turned into family that turned my life around in a beautiful direction

I have requested and been granted from the universe assistance with my son

to show him that there are Black men who genuinely care for themselves enough to share themselves unlimitedly with others

I had men give honor to my son at a moments notice with no suggestion from a woman

by giving him a Rite of Passage ceremony that he would remember for the rest of his life

they spoke to him in a way that I could never begin to

so that he could see how to move through his own life with a presence that did not warrant pain and mistrust all the time

that to me is a kindness that only the universe can create for you

Kindness has been a running theme in my life

When my mother passed away in the middle of the night, my cousin sat by me and talked

she held my hand and she wiped my tears and she smiled at me when there were absolutely no words that could ease my pain

we became friends because of that

she will always have my undivided attention or assistance when ever she needs it

I choose to live my life with an understanding that there is hurt

and there is pain beyond belief

but I will not add to it if I can help it

It doesn't make me naive

it doesn't make me a saint

it doesn't make me better or less than any one else

it just gives me a choice

and because of that choice I have been given friendships and assistance

I have material things I never thought I would have again

I have a peacefilled lifestyle that I cherish

and people have opened up to me and told me things they know I will never repeat to another living soul

You may never understand how or why I move like I do

but there is grace and presence that lives within me that some people search for all their lives

I see beauty in my life extend itself on so many different levels that I don't have to look for kindness or beauty

because its always around me

I have been given moments that by the logical mind should never have happened

but they did

I have been five thousand miles away from anything familiar to me and met a woman who said "How soon can you get here, of course I have room for you"

and with her I learned some more of my history

and I discovered our mutual friend

who'd been kinder to me than I gave her credit for had passed away

I once talked to a woman on the phone about business

but by the time we finished we knew more about one anothers lives

and we were encouraging one another like we'd known each other forever

I choose to see and be around people whose spirits are open to the universe

they may be Muslim, Yoruba, Christian or Buddhist even Atheist

but they have all shared themselves with me without reservation

We can have these intriquing conversations about God and life and disagreed on different subjects with such passion that I've wondered if we will ever remain friends

and afterwards we'll sit down to some homemade pecan pie and laugh at the dumbest things or ride in the car and take pictures of the sun peeking between trees

I choose

to live my life in a way that shows people there is beauty

not just physical beauty but spiritual

Yes I get pissed and ticked off and I can cuss like a sailor on shore leave

but even in my anger

I choose to speak positive energy into the world around me

because I know words have power

thoughts are one of the most powerful forms of change ever to be introduced to human beings

thoughts can change a sentence into a message

they can hurt or heal

depending on their intention

Yes somebody may say I'm naive

that not everybody is kind

not everyone will help another in their time of need or just because

there are people who would abuse everyone of my senses and try to take my last dime because its there

Yes these people exist

But fortunately with the assistance of the universe

I am not one of them

and somewhere in the world

one or two of my words may move another to not seek out the negative energy they are accustomed to

As I read this

I am aware that in this world there is so much I will never encounter

But there is so much more I will

not all of it good but most of it kind


so I choose kindness

Because you never know where life is gonna take you
and you can't change where you've been.
But today, I have the opportunity to choose...

"I Choose" by India.Arie