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As my best friend, my son and I watched the ball in Times Square make its way toward signaling that infamous moment when all your hopes, dreams and aspirations to becoming a new and more perfect you.... in the first two days of the new year. I was poised before the television loudly acknowledging affirmations that would make me stronger, wiser, swifter, smarter, more successful and more productive.

That was the lie that kept me going for about 24 hours

at hour 25 I was already laying on the couch flipping through Agatha Christie's Miss Marple episodes from the BBC, books and pens strewn across the floor and my laptop blinking incessantly because I kept hitting the sleep button, it was interrupting my concentration.

Okay in my defense I was just getting over the flu and I wasn't feeling up to par because I was nursing a really bad sore throat and I didn't have any comfortable slippers on my feet, so I couldn't really get off the couch and walk across the hardwood floor and risk another chill making its way up my spine and cause a sudden relapse that would send me burrowing beneath the covers for another two or three more days.

It just wasn't practical

As I lay there, allowing my eyes to longingly stray to the discarded notebooks and notes I'd made, I felt an overwhelming sense of panic. Don't ask me where it came from but I had this urge to write down a list of things I needed in order to get myself prepared for this new invention of my career. So I quickly began scribbling ideas on post it notes and before I knew it I'd pretty much mapped out my career plan for the year. Some of the things I wrote down were impractical... like the one where I was going to drive across country and video tape it so I could pitch it to the Oprah Network, uh I don't think that'll exactly work for me right now, I need to be home in time for my son's soccer and basketball games, but it was a good one to keep in mind for maybe the summer.  Or the one where I would put up a website featuring my books, in theory its good but I'm still trying to work on changing my picture on facebook so I may want to start slow.

So since I'd eliminated several worthy options I went for the one I could do without really hurting myself or my ego too much...blogging

its safe, I can do it anywhere, I don't need a whole lot of savvy to navigate the pages and I already have page...BINGO!

so what did I learn from this moment of New Year Resolution hangover

Start small... too many years I kept trying to go for the big win, let's face it the only time I ever lost fifty pounds was when I gave birth to my son and most of that was water weight...sigh

Think practical...I am not a Ferrari never have been, I'm not high maintenance nor am I flashy and lets be honest the only time I go from 0 to 60 in less than 30 minutes is when I have to go to bathroom and I still have to park the dang car, fish out my door keys, step on the mutt as he blocks the doorway and flip the toilet seat down.

Be BRAVE...I've wasted more time second guessing myself BEFORE I actually did anything. So this time I'm just going to do and pray somebody's bored enough to stumble upon this and think its worth ten minutes of their life.

and finally

JUST DO IT... I hate NIKE but what the hell it fits, by the time I finish and hit submit I'll have actually done something different that motivates me to move a little further than I did the day before

So in light of my new found Resolution status... here's my first step into a brave new world

Not bad for an chick with bad hair day issues... Happy New Year!!!!!