where the writers are
Firmly Planted
these feet

These feet you see

Sometimes aching

Sometimes swollen

Sometimes planted square

Have saved me


They have walked miles in the dark 

to work long days

Stood in the cold

And complained 

when my pride wouldn't


They have shuffled 

across floors in the middle of the night


Tip toed when I was in trouble


They have danced 


Down aisles

And Soul Train lines


These feet 

Have given way 

And allowed my knees to bend

When the pain was too great


They have curled from a loving embrace


Shook with glee 

When I couldn't contain myself


These feet




And strong

Havent been pampered

With massages

And warm rose baths

Too often


I can't tell you the last time

They felt wanted



And gently held

Between the fingers 

Of one who saw their beauty


Besides my own


These feet you see

Unattractive to the uninspired


Step into stilettos

Making me rise up


From within


Strutted through crowds

With my back uncurled

My head erect

And my eyes focused

On the power I hold within


Parting crowds as they entered


These feet 

Have carried me


Over mountains

Down valleys

And through hard times


Then plant themselves


On cold floors with no cover

Ready to go again

Once the rains quit


They are not 


Or feeble

Or prissy 


These are powerfully unique





With a little mystery


Just looking at the skin


Gives them the wrong impression


You have to look deep

To see where they've been


They never get the glory

Deserving of a warrior

Always underestimated


But these feet

Large and wide

Carry me

Planting me firm

Move me forward