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Freedon Of Speech

Freedom of Speech

I don’t like seat belts. They restrict my freedom.

Freedom of movement is not only physical. It is also psychological. So what to do, since the law says that I must buckle up?

Okay, let’s start with that “law.” No, let’s start with “the law” in general: It is “the law” that allows us freedom of speech in These United States, as opposed to “the law’ in Myanmar that allows punishment for speaking too candidly.

In both cases “the law” can be constricting. In Myanmar, the lack of freedom of speech is obvious. In the Unites states it is a little less obvious in that, under the guise of freedom, The First Amendment can easily be misused to infringe on the very thing that it is designed to protect.

I’ll leave it to you to see the difference.

Muldoon Elder