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The Promotions game

Writing a book is hard enough. But there's something harder - marketing and promoting it. 

Before I got into the whole epublishing game, I had no idea how much work promoting my book would be. 

With my two other traditionally published books, there was a publicist who mailed out free copies to reviewers, pointed out lists etc. Not that that was enough, but at least it was enough to feel that there is someone else who also has an vested interest in selling your book. 

This time, for 'Threshold' my ebook of short stories (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B007C3QHBE) the onus is completely on me. 

So I'm learning and bumbling my way through online resources, offering my ebook free for a limited time, writing blog posts, begging for reviews from complete strangers, twittering like a demented bird, facebooking like there's no tomorrow. 

Let's see how this actually translates into sales. It's early days yet, but I'm hopeful. My stories are good ones, offering a glimpse of other lives, other viewpoints...