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Writing For Who

I'm hoping I get the formatting of this post right. Or, pending I don't, I can edit it.

My current projects consist of editing a novel, writing another novel, and a short story that I'd like to have done for Halloween.

Though I'd like to be published one day, I have the sense to realize this is unlikely. I persevere, but I cannot be ruined by failure I anticipate. Which makes me think about why I write.

It's a hobby for me, something fun to do. I'd like to be pro-am at it, have the talent to say yes, this is what I do, and no I'm not rubbish at it. Publishing seems like a solid validation in that respect. But more than anything I just like to write stuff down.

So, do I try to publish my short story, or do I just post it on the internet for all to read. Tricky, tricky.