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As I think of love stories, my life since the 1960's, with all its experiences, qualifies for my favorite love story. My own love relationships have been meaningful while they lasted, and I could share those many moments of passionate kissing with Don, my honeymoon in Hawaii, where "We're almost...
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My favorite book is the first one I wrote--Pleasures and Ponderings From Nun to Nudist to Now. One of the reviews at amazon says "...Her very interesting, enthusiastic and tenacious hold on life and the self-improvement of body, mind and soul is an inspiration to anyone!" Another refers to me as "...
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I was in Italy the year I graduated from college and again in 1998--I found those dates in my old passport book where I had my hands slapped, figuratively, for writing in that sacred passport the dates and places of my foreign trips from 1963 on. Do I ever remember Italy! Venice with its...
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What seems as inevitable as death and taxes is the average person's need for acceptance.  We see young people dressing the way their peers do, attending the concerts their friends attend, texting and gaming as their fellow teens do. While we might hope that grownups are past the need for approval,...
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A few years ago, I realized that my two kids were not ever likely to be interested in the philosophical discussions I so loved.  Holding on to that desire didn't serve any of us.  So I've been focusing on what I do enjoy with and about them.  I was grateful that, though my daughter had proclaimed...
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Sudden Winter in Seattle It was a prize blizzard!  We checked our office windows at three pm and declared,“I’m out of here!” Familiar roads turned steeper every block we looked ahead.  Our tires spun. Cars and pickups landed akimbo, diagonally, on vertical inclines. Rear defrosters lagged behind...
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