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Photographs Can Lie

These photographs were posed, depicting just what the person behind the camera wanted recorded. The vast maority came from an album compiled by one of the Lewises, co-superintendents, a pair of angels who arrived after the 30 month reign of terror of the sadist who had been in charge. There are no photos from that era. Just an abundance of scars.

These photos reflect life as the Lewises wanted it to be for us. The life they strived to make real for us. And they succeeded.

Mrs. Lewis said they didn't know about the abuse that preceeded them. I doubt that anyone in the juvenile services department would admit such a thing, even if they did know. Someone had to have known, because Lovelace left two weeks after county cars showed up to investigate the horriffic beating of a girl by Lovelace.

I believe there was a coverup. I believe the Lewises did their best to glue us back together, and for this I am deeply grateful.

But the truth needs to be told, and it looks like I'm the one who has to tell it.