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Cyber-activism vs The Phone Bank

The Obama campaign kept soliciting my help. They wanted money. Wanted me to volunteer. Wanted me to make phone calls to swing states. 

I wanted to help but I could not and would not sit and call people. I hate it when people call me. It's intrusive. It takes me forever for me to regain my train of thought after the phone rings. I pull it out of the wall when I don't want to be interrupted.

I spent all my time on the Internet. I grew up in Texas, so many of my Facebook Friends are Republicans. Some radically so. I engaged them nonetheless. I was polite but relentless, posting several items every day. Shooting holes in their often rude and sometimes outright hateful propaganda. Passing along articles and insightful commentary. (I've done this for years, actually, but escallated during the campaign.)

I wrote poltical poetry and posted that. Then copied and pasted my poems as commentary on news items at Yahoo, MSNBC, CNN, CBS, even Business Week. I've had a long career in finance, international experience. I've been around. I was a Republican before the party got yanked to the right. (It should be renamed the "John Birch Party.")

I was relentless but not rude.

One of my favorite topics was abortion. The Konservatives kept hammering on that, calling Democrats baby killers. At age eight, I'd seen my mother giving herself a coathanger abortion. I grew up in an orphanage. I described how life would be for the resulting unwanted kids growing up in the orphanages that would have to be built. Christmas in an orphanage--can you imagine?

I quantified for them what it would cost if Roe v Wade were repealed.  Trillions.  I posted and reposted my views, tagging them onto news items about abortion.

There was a turning point. Right after the second debate, suddenly there were a growing number of Likes on my posts.

I don't know how many people I reached but I'm certain I got through to some people and helped them decide to vote for Obama (or at least not vote for the destructive policies that damaged the world economy and have been undermining democracy.)

There ought to be a name for people like me who do their campaigning on-line. Cyper-pols?

Anyway, thanks for doing your part. 

I did mine. 

Hi-fives for us all.