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Zoom and Boom

About 25 years ago I was listening to the Key Note speaker at a forestry convention outlining the headlines of the day:  poor economy, war in the middle east, unemployment, famine, poverty.  “Enough of this doom and gloom.  What we need is zoom and boom!”  I don’t remember his name but I think he was a Greek economic professor.  What stands out was his grey and black beard stands out and piercing blue eyes.   The man pretty much stood there and told us, no exhorted us, to quit whining and get on with things.  Great advice.


I thought about this as I drove into work this morning listening to NPR.  After 30 minutes of doom and gloom I switched to music, only to find every station playing a song about love gone wrong.  After 10 minutes of that I hit the power button.  I hadn’t slept well and now I was thoroughly depressed.  As I drove along in the dark I thought “I need some zoom and boom”.


I yelled the words out loud and immediately felt better.  That might be worth getting tattooed on my arm.  Right there on the inside of my left elbow.  Then every time things happen to drag me under, I could look down and remember the antidote.  I surely need it today.  Things continue to conspire against me.  Each time I scale one wall, I discover that there is another one waiting for me instead of the open ground that I was expecting.  That’s it, I’ve had enough, where’s my Sharpie?……..Zoom and Boom it is.