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Ganja the Great

I was enjoying the trip down memory lane, following the 2nd Australian TennisVentures trip and remembering my own, when work rudely intruded.  During the intense and time consuming week spent with an important customer, brief flashes from the trip would come to my mind and I would smile to myself, relax and turn back to the problem at hand.

I remembered:  lunch on the plane from Sydney to Melbourne was 1 sugar cookie, but by the time we got to the hotel Chadwick (Mr. Super Organizer) had arranged for a quick lunch before we went to play tennis; showering and changing quickly for a walk with Bruce before cocktails and coming across Ganja the Great (street performer) who lay on a bed a nails and juggled torches (amazing patter gathering in a crowd before performing the denouement); the picture with Justin Gimelstob;  running to catch the dinner trolley because we were waiting in the wrong spot; buying earrings; the water taxi ride to the open; wine in the vineyards; quirky Loise; tennis, tennis and more tennis; and through it all friendship, laughter and sharing a fabulous adventure with like minded people.

I'm looking forward to the trip to Roland-Garros where I'll get to be reaquainted with some of the TennisVenturers from last year.  Can't wait for the Vespa tour around Rome and the cycling tour of Versailles.  And the food...so many wonderful tastes to remember from Australia....my mouth is already watering in anticipation of the next adventure.

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Monique, Enjoyed your blogs


Enjoyed your blogs about your trip last year. I can't wait to hear about Rome and Paris.