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I'm sitting here looking at the detritus of the weekend; 2 tennis bags, a t-shirt from the Midnight Garden ride, a packet from the Hilton Head tennis tournament, water bottles, cooler, dirty & clean clothes, an empty shoe box, unsorted mail and bike shorts.  It's pouring rain so I can't go for a bike ride and should be cleaning up and getting through my list of chores that have been left undone for several days.  But still I procrastinate.  I know that once I start it means the fun is over.  Work intruded unpleasantly into my weekend but I want to hold onto the good feeling from the past few days.  

I won a couple tennis matches and I lost a couple matches.  That's the way it goes.  But I also met some new people and enjoyed chatting over a beer while we watched other people win and lose.  The Midnight Garden bike ride in Savannah was fabulous.  More than 750 bikes riding a 10 mile route through the downtown Savannah area.  Just as we were forming up to ride I ran into (almost litereally) a tennis friend that I hadn't seen for about 8 months.  She waved her husband on and we rode together chatting and catching up on life.  She's embarking on a trip that she's always wanted to do, hiking down (and up) the Grand Canyon with a couple friends.  She said that I inspired her when I told her back in December that I had signed up for a trip to the Australian Open.  That I didn't know anyone on the tour but I was going to have an adventure. Now she's having one too.  It made me happy to hear that.

Perhaps it's clearing up.  My final plan for this weekend was to drive to the other side of the bridge to Tybee and then ride the causeway path along the marsh.  I look around again at the flotsam and jetsom and know that I must reorganize and put away.  I can put off doing chores but I can't put off tomorrow from coming.  There will be clean up to handle from the problems this weekend. Recriminations, who was supposed to do what and didn't.  Perhaps I'll just close my office door and turn off the ringer on the phone and maybe they will all go away.  At least I can hit delete on both email and voicemail when I get blamed for things that I had no control over. Responsibility without authority....it's a losing combination.

Too soon to think about things like that.  There's still today.  If the weather will just cooperate a little I will finish my weekend with a final ride and be ready to face the world again tomorrow.

The best part of the weekend?   I found out that I look REALLY good in bike shorts.


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That bike ride sounded like

That bike ride sounded like fun! As for the mess, remember, you can always quote Scarlett O'Hara, "after all, tomorrow is another day."

Glad you had a good weekend. You deserved it.