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Did I end yesterday's blog by saying that dreams during the 3rd night of the full moon would be filled with love?  Here's what really happened....

I'm standing in the outback with a broken branch in my hand, facing me is a frill-necked lizard (it fans out it's neck skin and gets up and runs on it's hind legs).  It's about 3 feet tall and races toward me (sounding like the entire Third Reich) singing "Der gerechten seelen sind in Gottes hand und keine qual ruhret sie an, keine qual, keine qual ruhret sie an..." I wind up (was watching the Tiger-Ranger game earlier) and hit it into left field (there isn't actually a baseball diamond but you get the idea).  I look around and there it is on a mound of sand (in the Outback, remember).  I face the new direction, it comes at me again and again I wind up and smack it into the distance (too bad the Tigers didn't take some batting practice from me).  This goes on, but after the first couple hits where I'm feeling grim determination, I start laughing, and then I start echoing what he's singing, a final hit, the alarm goes off and now I'm awake.

The song that the lizard is singing is part of the 6th movement from Brahams A German Requiem.  I sing with the Savannah Philharmonic Chorus and we're in the last 2 weeks of rehearsal before our concert next Friday.  We've had the music since last April and I still can't pronounce the bloody words.  Did I mention we're doing this is German?  Honestly the music requires it.  I'll be the first to say that the English version is horrible.  That doesn't make it any easier for me to get my mouth around the glottal stops.  The muscles in my jaw just don't work right for German and my eye sees vowel-consonant combinations that either make no sense or are supposed to be different.  Give me a nice romance language or Latin.  I can do that.

No matter how much I practice, I keep missing things.  Especially during the fugues where the subject line echoes between each voice and going between cut time and regular time.  If nothing else I can usually count and am always reliable on an entrance and now I'm all screwed up.  I usually memorize my music so I can keep my eyes on the director.  That's not happening and this piece really needs it because the phrasing is more felt than written and the mood really comes from Peter. 

I am NOT having a good time.  Yes, there's a sense of accomplishment for what I have gotten down but it's not enough to make me feel confident in what I'm singing.  Did I mention that the concert is next Friday?  We have one more chorus only rehearsal; 1, and only 1, rehearsal with the orchestra (paid professionals) and soloists; dress rehearsal, which is a run threw of the program...not practice, and then the concert.  I have a feeling I'm going to be dreaming in German until it's over.

My dream interpretation book says that dreaming of lizards (or any reptile) means that I am in touch with my primitive survival instincts and I have the ability to change and adapt in order to stay alive.  I'd like to interpret this to mean that I'm winning the battle but I don't think I'm going to relax my guard until the final crash of cords next Friday around 9 pm.

I am tenacious. People have described me as a terrier, once I get my teeth in something I never give it up.  Also and eternal optimist, so I will choose to look it as "hey I still have 7 days to work on it" instead of "OMG, I only have 7 days to get it right!"


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Monique, Wow! I was just


Wow! I was just discussing your post with my husband. He is very familiar with that piece (he is a composer and musician.) I am fascinated with the thought that singing requires such concentration, then add in another language and it's mind boggling!

I hope the weird dreams stop for you tonight- the full moon is waning.