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Girls, Girls, Girls

I grew up in a household of mostly women; my mom, grandmother, sister and me; but since leaving home have been in a male dominated household.  I used to tell the boys that we had female animals so that the girls outnumbered the boys.  I have to admit that I've always gotten along better with males than females, especially females in groups.

I have two of the women muscians staying with me for 3 days and it's been a bit for me. First, I keep thinking of them as girls rather than women because they are only a couple years older than my sons.  I find myself falling right back into a parenting role, giving advice when asked, fixing dinner, giving them computer access.  The impression of being like my kids was reinforced when they both came downstairs, sat on the bar stools at the kichen counter and talked to me while I was cooking dinner. 

When I was growing up I sat in the same spot in our house talking to my grandma while she cooked dinner; my sons did the same while they were growing up.  The kitchen, a place of warmth and laughter and good things to eat.  A place were love is shared.  It's my favorite place to gather, whether in my house or a friends.

A certain type of kitchen was my main criteria when looking for a place to live.  The other rooms don't really matter that much.  The kitchen has to be a place where there is room for loved ones to be together.  It's no wonder that in every society, from the most primitive to the most sophisticated, that sharing a meal with someone means acceptance and goodwill.

Jesus may have made a habit out of eating with his enemies but then he was a special guy.  It's an uncomfortable place to be.  Do I want to pour my love into fixing a meal for someone that doesn't appreciate the feeling that goes into it?  Not hardly.

I started this talking about how it is different having girls around instead of boys.  Just the sound of their feet on the stairs, light and controlled is strange.  My sister has 2 girls but when we've been together over the years my boys have been there too.  It's never been just girls.  My sons are both graceful men but there aren't any bangs or thumps that I expect to hear when they are around.  And they are loud (by comparison) even when they aren't being loud.  I begin to realize why I annoyed my mother so often when I was growing up.  I exhibited those boy-like sounds and she kept expecting me to sound girl-like.

I'm enjoying their company and the expecience of having girls around again. Wonderful musicians, considerate guests, interesting and intellegent women.  It's truly a pleasure.

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Monique, The kitchen is the


The kitchen is the heart of the home, indeed! I feel the same way and every time I contemplate the move we will eventually need to make to downsize, I get depressed thinking about giving up my lovely kitchen.