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Found in Cyberspace

This day was just not going well...nothing major but several annoying occurances over which I have no control (including the weather).  So I logged on to do some writing, which has been a joy since I got my courage up earlier in the week to stop thinking and start posting, and found that my blog from Wednesday was gone.  I felt like I had lost a child.  I started trying to recreate it and found that I couldn't.  I had taken those thoughts out of the lybarinth of my mind and cast them onto paper and there was no way to go back.  I knew what I had said but why I needed to say it was gone.  So I left without writing, had something else go wrong and thought "Oh well, go back and write about that."

 Instead when I logged on there was my missing child.   "Where were you?" I said.  "Exploring cyberspace" was the response.  The Pentagon announced that it officially had a new domain.  The U.S. Military can fight on land, in the air, at sea, in space and now in cyberspace.  Is that where my child was?  Making friends in the electonic pathways that course around our planet.  An odd thought.

Where ever it was, I'm glad that it's back.  What do I write now?  All my despair on losing this child of my mind fled when I found her.  So though the rain pours down and plans for the day must be rearranged, I feel back in balance and ready for my next task.