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Fell off the Wagon

I've made a lot of changes in my eating habits over the last 10 years and especially in the last 4 since being diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  It's been gradual, very hard to give up things that I really like but that really make me feel bad the next day.  I had an unusual cholesterol test in January and my doctor started making noises about menopause and medication but in the end decided that we would just recheck it in 6 months.  Yes, my total was up but that's really because my good was up a lot.   But I thought about what else I could do.  First, I think I have to stop having my annual exam in January.  It's right after Christmas, when I do indulge, and it had been freezing for 3 weeks so I didn't get out and play tennis 3 times a week like I usually do or get my other exercise.  I did decide to try adding oatmeal to my diet.  And low and behold, I actually like it now. I also stopped drinking coffee, started drinking cranberry juice and switched from iceberg lettuce to spinich for salads.  I almost entirely cut out red meat and added more beans, trying to eat vegetarian 1 or 2 times a week.  I had my blood drawn on Thursday and am waiting for the results.  I guess I'll see if it's diet and exercise or genetics.  Regardless, last night I went out and had a Philly cheese steak and home-made potato chips (thank you Ozzy's) for dinner with double chocolate ice cream for dessert.  It tasted WONDERFUL!  I'm ready to get back to my normal diet this morning but I'm not sorry for my moment of self-indulgence.  The scale says that I gained a pound, which I expected, but still worth it.  Sometimes feeding the body, feeds the soul...and I feel good this morning, rejuvenated and ready to get to work on my to do list.  Ready for that heart healthy oatmeal.