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Bad Spellers Uknight

I started to title this interrupted, and as usual it took 3 or 4 tries to get it spelled correctly.  Does anyone else use Google as a word search?  I can still remember asking my mother or a teacher how to spell something and being told to look it up in the dictionary.   How can I look it up if I don't know how to spell it? Search....it added a layer of frustration on top of something that was already frustrating.  And there seemed to be this underlying assumption that once I looked it up, I would remember it.  Not true.  Same type of words, again and again again:  -able, -ible, -le, -el, -al, -tion, -sion, -ite, -ate....I still want to spell congratulations with a d...and refridgerator with a t.  

 How did I get on this topic?  I was supposed to be writing about being interrupted yesterday morning.  I got started, had to leave for a meeting and didn't have time until last night when I just couldn't get the words to come out.  I am definitely (that's another one) a morning or early day writer.  I'm actually know that for a long time.  If I write a report after 2 pm, I end up rewriting the whole thing the next day.  It's like someone else wrote it.  I wish I had realized this when I was in school.  Most of the time I was doing homework and writing papers at night, going to class during the day.  I bet if I could track back I would find that my good papers and the ones that were easy to write had nothing to do with topic and everything to do with time of day.

Yesterday's half-finished blog will have to wait until tomorrow.   It's calling to me, it doesn't like being left undone.  Patience, my child.