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All in Black

It's going to be a busy day, 3 things to do and I won't be able to come home between them.  As I was making a mental list of things to take I was getting dressed for the first event; my team tennis match.  As I was choosing a pair of earrings (no nakedness today) I looked in the mirror and realized that I was wearing all black; skirt, top, sports bra; something that I very rarely do.  Black uniforms always made players seem bigger and signify power to me, just like red gives the impression of quickness and agility.   The colors I wear, like my earrings, reflect my inner thoughts or feelings.  I'm not a powerhouse on the court, so maybe that's why I never choose all black.  Typically, when I'm facing a tough match and want confidence I choose a black skirt and a white top.  I'm limited in what I can wear at work (khakis and polo shirt are the unofficial uniform) but the socks are the clue.  Socks have become conservative lately.  Several of my bright colors have worn out and I've been unable to find replacements.   

As I write my black cat, Typha, has ventured outside and is prowling around my legs like a living extension of my skirt.  Another black cat has joined the neighborhood; a half-grown teenager that came over to visit yesterday.  Then the older male strolled over and Typha peer out the front door.  A triumverate of black cats looking at each other with me sitting in the middle.  It seemed significant.  Three pairs of greenish-gold eyes gleaming at me, passing power to me.  Then the young one hissed and growled, puffed it's tail and hunched it's back. The old one continued to stroll closer to me.  Typha turned and ran up the stairs, and the young one down the sidewalk, leaving the other cat peering quizzically at me as if to say "what's wrong with them? I just came over to say hi."  I petted him and he rubbed my leg and off he meandered off on whatever business he had.

The sun is rising and the grass turns from grey to green, glinting in the sun, a field of cat eyes giving me strenght and purpose, telling me it's time to go and embrace the day.