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Jul 2009

I've always had a passion for the art of storytelling. I was educated in Europe and the United States, and after successful careers as a teacher and holistic health coach, I'm now a contributing editor to several national and local  publications. In 2007, I published my first adult novel entitled "Vessel of the Fish" a dramatic story about the last mystery of Avalon. I live in Virginia with my husband, and I'm currently working on a middle grade fantasy novel.


I've always been fascinated with the art of storytelling. Growing up in a small German town, I wasn't allowed to watch much TV, and so it was books that opened other worlds to me. But it wasn't just reading that gave me pleasure, writing did, too. My writing career began rather late in life, after successful careers as a foreign language teacher and a health coach. Although I have no favorite authors, I enjoy stories that make every sentence count. I'm an impatient reader and writer, and nothing makes me sigh more than words that merely fill pages. I love drama, epic stories, and brilliantly crafted fantasy.

Upcoming Works

I've just completed my first middle-grade fantasy novel entitled "Keepers of the Dream World - Legend of the Reader". I'm currently in the revision process and hope to begin the next book in this series later on this fall.

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There are many ... I enjoy the outdoors, all things nature, really; I hike and walk, or just sit and gaze over a lake or a river. I love to cook, bake and have tea and a chat with friends and family. I like to travel, discover places and people and learn about their history. I also enjoy the arts - music, paintings, etc. and, of course, books!