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Suga Wallz

Suga Wallz

By: Monica Addison

Chapter 1


Acira looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. Her and her man Alex had another fight. Even after all the fights they had, Alex had never put his hands on her. This time it was different. Not only did he hit her, but he also shoved her down. He never did anything like that before and that's what scared her the most.She wiped the tears from her face with a tissue careful not to touch her face or cut on her lip cause she knew it would hurt even more. Her right cheek was red and already starting to bruise up. Her lip stung every time she went to breathe. She slightly bit it trying figure out how she was going to hide this from her friends. She was in no mood for them to tell her that her boyfriend wasn't shit and for the thousandth time she should leave him again.

Sometimes she wondered seriously if is this what her and Alex were going to go through all their whole lives as a couple.Sometimes she tried to ask herself over and over why do she stay with him. All he did was ignore her most of the time. He usually always pushed her to the back burner when it came to his friends, his job, hell even his games. She just learned to deal with it and kept telling herself that every relationship goes through a dry spell. Every time she would leave him she's always come back because her heart was to kind. She hated seeing Alex upset about anything. So she decided she was going to ride this crazy roller coaster and hope for the best.

Acira got up and began to run the water for her bath. As the water and bubbles began to fill up the tub, she began to get undressed. She stood in front of her mirror looking at her body. She really never looked at herself naked cause she always found something wrong wit herself. Whether or not it was her hair not being long enough, or her ass not being big enough. It was always something and Alex wasn't making it no better calling her words like, "chubby" or grabbing her stomach saying "big belly." Although her stomach was not big, she still had a small gut that she desperately tried, but to no avail, get rid of.She unfastened her bra and looked at her 36DDD breasts.

"They are too big." she said to herself, "If I could just get these smaller, this stomach flatter, and this ass bigger, I'd be perfect."

She suddenly could not help the feeling she was being watched but she knew no one was there. She threw on her robe and made a quick check of all the doors and windows just to be on the safe side. After everything was clear she went into the bathroom. She loved the way her bubble bath made her whole bathroom smell like a sweet vanilla . Since she was alone once again, she felt like she should light some scented candles and relax. She got in the tub after she lit the last candle. She watched as the lights played against the wall and began to wash her body. She was so tense that her body seemed to thank her for the treatment.

Suddenly she felt so hot and horny out of nowhere. It was like her body was pleading with her to explore more. She remembered when Alex used to make feel this way and how she missed it so much. At first she fought the urges but they kept coming back. She gently squeezed her right breast and that tingling sensation came back. She moaned slightly and giggled as she began to do the same to the right one. Her body shivered slightly as she made her way down her stomach. She gasped almost instantly when she touched her throbbing clit. The more she wanted to take her hand away the more it throbbed to be touched. She moaned again slightly louder and rocked her hips slowly. She closed her eyes as if letting her body take control.

Her hand seemed to know exactly where all the right spots were. She pulled at her nipples as she put her fingers deeper and deeper inside her swollen mount. She began to buck her hips almost wildly moaning in ecstasy. It seemed like her hand would not stop as she rubbed on her clit faster as if wanting her to climax. She felt it coming and she bucked her hips faster so she could reach it. Her moans became louder and more sexual that she was certain the person in the next apartment heard her. That turned her on even more and she could not stop. She moaned again and again as she began to reach her final point. Her body began to shiver as she moaned louder and louder, as she came harder n harder. She felt like a giant weight had been lifted off her shoulders and she felt so much better than she did before. She began to drift off to sleep as her pussy throbbed as if to say,"Thank you."

"You're most definitely welcome." she whispered as she began to fall asleep. It wasn't long after wards that she awoke to the sound of someone knocking on the door. She groaned as she tried to go back to sleep in her warm tub not wanting to get out. The knocks became more harder and more consistent.

"Shit , who the hell is at this door at this time of night? Maybe if I lay, here they will go away" she groaned covering her ears.

Just then her cell phone rings and she sighed as she knew who it was without even looking at the phone. She presses talk and before she can say anything the voice at the other end begins to speak.

"Nene? Bitch I know you there. Open the damn door. You got me standing out here like one of them hi-class hoes. Bitch get ya ass out here." says the voice.

She groaned again as she gets out the tub grabbing her towel and robe. The pounds at the door seem to just echo through the whole apartment. She rushes to the door and opens it.

"Can you make anymore damn noise? Damn Dee ya fucking ghetto ass! You about to wake up the whole damn building!" says Acira pulling her sister Dee inside.

Dee was Acira's older sister. There was really no resemblance what so ever to even tell they were related. Everything about them was really different. Body wise Dee was bigger than Acira and much darker. She had more hips, more belly and more ass. Sometimes Acira wondered how in the hell she managed to have a child with an attitude that can scare a bear away.

While Acira was more reserved and spoke very quietly, Dee was more outspoken and very much a drama queen. She loved to make a scene where ever she went especially when it came down to her baby's father Tony. She didn't want him back or so she said but she made every chance she could to make his life hell everyday.

"Girl, you know that you love me. Anyway what ya ass doing here in the house? It's Friday and you need to go out and have some fun..... uh.. where's Alex?"asked Dee after walking through the house.

"We had a fight and he left." said Acira toweling off in her room. Dee walks in the bedroom and sits on the bed as Acira starts to lotion herself.

"What you mean he left, what did ya fight about this time? I swear you guys always arguing. Girl you should be like me and just......Nene what da fuck happened to ya face? "asks Dee as she notices the bruise on her sister's face."Did that punk ass bastard hit you? I swear to God Nene if he fucking put his hands on you, I will fucking kill his ass!"

Acira knew that Dee was just all talk and she would not do nothing to no one. So she knew she has to change the subject by directing the conversation about Tony.

"Girl ain't nobody hit me that's one and two why you wanna go out for you know that all you wanna do is look for Tony so you can harass his ass over and over like you been doing. Girl you going through a lot for someone that's claiming she down want her baby father no more." laughs Acira hoping that her lie was enough to satisfy Dee's question.

"Bitch please," Dee smirks forgetting bout her suspicions," He know he wants all of this. I just wont let him have none that's all. He be calling me talkin bout baby I miss you. You got ma son we'll always be together no matter what. It's so pathetic. I'm like damn you be begging for da pussy don't you. See Nene guys love this. It's like they hooked or something. I got that magic pussy."

"Whatever bitch. If you say so. Man, you would think ya ass would settle down after having a baby. It seem like its getting so much worse. You know you wrong for making Tony go through what you make him go through" says Acira shaking her head.

Before Dee could answer Acira's smart remark, her cell phone rang. She looked at it and rolled her eyes before she answered it. After a few minutes of just "uh huhs and "alrights" she hung up.

"Sooooo Dee," Acira asks looking at her sister's suspicious smile."What's going on? Why are you smiling at me like that? "

"Girl, we are going out. Me and you Nene. We gonna meet up with Chasity and her girlfriend at the club .We are going to have so much fun. Nothing says I feel better than a night and a drink at the bar. No you can't say no and yes you have to go. Now get dressed. Throw on ya sexy party dress. Girl I gotta pee where ya bathroom at?" says Dee.

Acira groaned , "Ya ghetto ass. You know where the bathroom at. It's not like this is ya first time here. Oh yeah while you in there blow out them candles and let the water out that tub since I'm getting back in there at all now."

"Dam Nene, what am I ya freaking' servant hoe?" calls Dee from the bathroom.

"You got the hoe part right." mumbles Acira.

She really didn't feel like going out but she knew that Dee was not going let her stay in the house. She went over to her closet and sighed bout what to wear. She really disliked going to clubs. Although she never been to one before she heard bout all the craziness that happened in them. She stood in her closet wearing just her bra and boy shorts puzzled on what could she wear. Mostly everything she had consisted of sweatpants, sweatshirts, jeans and a few cute tops.

"I should just wear ma bra and shorts." she laughed to herself. She grabbed her black sweatpants, a red tank top, a red and black, and finally her red and black air forces. She looked at herself in the mirror. The only thing now is her face. That bruise and that split lip did not look sexy. She tried some of her sister's lip gloss and that made her lips shiny but did bring out the color of her lips. It actually hid the cut on her lip very well. Now all she needed was to do something bout that bruise.

"Nene you look so cute and so almost ghettofied. You look like you about to bust a bitch in the face if she mess with you. That's what's up go head Krunk Princess." praises Dee. "Let me do your make up. That bruise ain't looking to sexy."

She allowed Dee to apply a light touch of make up to her face and looked at herself once again. She actually liked the way she looked. She really did look like one of those video dancers from one those rap videos. Despite everything that happened earlier she planned on having a good time.

She could not help wonder what Alex was doing. She picked up her cell phone and called him. When he didn't pick up she left a quick message saying where she was going to be and for him to call her.She gave herself one last look in the mirror before grabbing her keys and walking out the door. After going off on Dee about sitting her big butt on the hood her car, they were on their way to meet up with their friend.

"Girl this joint, is of the fucking chain. So many fine niggas up in there to where you gonna be swatting them off with a fly swatter. " laughs Dee switching the radio station.

" Ok first off Dee, watch ya mouth. I don't plan on being swarmed by anyone. I really just needed to get out of the house. I don't know what's going on with Alex lately. We seem so distant now. It's like his boys seem to matter more than me. I just don't know what to...... Dee are you even listening to me?" asks Acira realizing Dee had not responded to her at all.

Dee was to busy on the phone with someone to even notice that Acira was talking to her. It was bad enough Dee wasn't listening to her and was being loud as all hell on the phone, but now she had the guy on speaker and it was so much noise in the background. She motioned for Dee to lower her voice . Dee just gives her the finger and keeps on talking but this time she doesn't lower her voice.

The minute they arrived at the club , Acira began to feel a little over whelmed about seeing so many people in one setting. She had never seen so many people in one place. It looked like a huge Vegas casino. The lights were flashing like crazy and the huge neon sign just kept flashing Club Expose' over and over. Dee gives one last look at herself in the mirror and opens the car door.

"Come on Nene, no need to be looking sexy sitting in a car." taunts Dee stepping out the car.

"Yeah , yeah, I'm coming. " groans Acira.

Acira was amazed at all the people standing in line to get into this huge place. She looked at all the other women standing on line and began to feel a slight bit of insecurity. Every woman there seemed to be wearing something too tight or too short, leaving nothing to the imagination. The guys that were standing out there just reminded her of the guys on the block just without the head wear or the colors. As she and Dee walked across the street to the club, Acira looked at the long line that was going from the club entrance. Her eyes widened when she saw how far back it went, nearly going around the corner.

"Dam Nene, this place is packed. That's a long ass line. I'm not standing in that shit . Oh hellz to the no." said Dee pulling out her phone."We gonna fix this right now. I'm not standing in nobody's line."

"Shut up ya noisy loud ass trick! someone yelled off the line.

"Who da fuck said that shit?! " Dee hollers back. "Bitch you don't know me, I'll fuck ya ass up. Dude you better control ya bitch before she get put to sleep!"

"Why are you so ghetto? Why can't we go one place without you tryin to smash someone head in?" groaned Acira pulling Dee back towards her.

"Whatever that skank hoe should not have opened her mouth at all. That dumb bitch made me forget my damn phone call." growls Dee opening her phone again.

"But still Dee, man for real you had make a big ass scene like that. I mean seriously." sighs Acira shaking her head. "Sometimes I wonder if you were dropped on your head as chi-"

Before she can finish what she was saying, Dee cuts her off again.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah , whatever you say Nene. Let's go Chasity and her girl are already inside and she said just tell the bouncer to let us through we're on the VIP list." she huffed grabbing Acira's arm.

Acira just sighs knowing that this was going to be a long night. As they make their way up to the front of the line, Dee is still one the phone with Chasity. After they finally get up to the bouncer, Dee finally hangs up the phone. Acira could not help but stare at this guy. He was so huge. All she could thing of was the fact that this guy looked like a giant grizzly bear. So many thoughts were in her head that when the bouncer spoke, she didn't even notice at all. It wasn't till he spoke again even louder did she snap back into reality.

"Back of the line miss lady. I don't want have to tell you again."

His deep voice sent a chill through Acira spine. She almost forgot to tell him that she and Dee were on the VIP list. Before she could open her mouth, Dee once again interrupted.

"Look we don't have to stand on a line our friend told us to tell you that we are on the VIP list and if you look at it tubby you will see that we are one it." said Dee rolling her eyes.

"Dee... oh my god.. ummmm .. she did not mean that Mr. bouncer person. Dee apologize to him. That was so uncalled for." gasped Acira.

"Whatever I ain't apologizing for shit." snapped Dee "The names are Acira Dee Powell. You can read right big poppa?"

The bouncer was getting a little annoyed Dee's attitude. After they exchanged a few harsh words, he stepped closer to Dee and Acira. Acira just watched in horror as her sister and the bouncer kept arguing. She tried to stand in between them both trying to keep one out of the others face. Then all of a sudden the bouncer and Dee both started laughing. Acira jaw dropped as Dee and bouncer gave each other a hug and a hi five.

"Oooh, Nene the look on your face was so fucking priceless! Oh shit.... "laughed Dee uncontrollably."You looked so scared!"

"So Dee this is your lil' sista you were telling me about huh? She is a cute one. " laughed the bouncer.

"What is going on Dee? You know him?" asked Acira in disbelief of what just happened.

"Yeah we work together a while back. "says the bouncer putting his massive arm around Dee's shoulder. "This is my baby right here."

"Yo big poppa what's the hold up? Can we get in or not?" teased Dee holding her hips looking up the bouncer.

"Girl , you gonna be the death of me. Go head take ya ass inside."

As Dee and Acira walk past the him, he taps her on her butt ," It was real nice meeting you and I hope to see you again real soon Acira."

Acira smiled trying not to throw up in her mouth. She could not believe that this guy,she didn't even know from a can of paint, just touched her ass like it was alright.

"Not in this life time or the next one asshole." she though to herself

Once they got inside , Dee and Acira made their way to a table. Acira looked around in amazement. She had never been to a club like this club before . It was so huge. Everything from the extremely high ceiling chandeliers, to the shiny square tiled floor just looks so beautiful. People were either dancing or sitting down eating and drinking. She was almost lost in amazement when she heard someone calling her name from behind her. When she turned around , there standing behind her dressed in a cocktail waitress outfit, was her friend Chasity.

Chasity was bout five feet even with a mouth the made her seem like she was at least six feet tall.When she talked she sounded more like Fran Descher with a hispanic accent and for some reason men and women think of her as a sexy little dominican chick with huge tits and an ass to match who only knew little words in spanish. Guys seemed to follow her everywhere she went. It was almost like she had every guy she came in contact with in her spell with just one look from her emerald green eyes. She loves shutting guys down by telling them she was a lesbian and there was no change of them ever getting together.

"Hey boo! Kisses kisses! Why are you staring off like that? You can't be doing that here some chico gonna think you want them and they'll never leave you alone." Chasity laughs kissing Acira's cheek. "Ay, Dee whats up hoodrat? I'd kiss you but I don't know where you been since I last saw you."

"With ya daddie bitch that's where I been. You know I love me some of them puerto rican men. Now come give your new stepmother a kiss." taunted Dee hugging Chasity.

" Punta listen ok, first I'm dominican, not peruvian, not ecuadorian, hell I'm not even puerto rican. Ok. You known me for how long and you still dont got my race right." Chasity said rolling her eyes as she gives Dee a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"So anyway miss missy," says Dee poking at Chasity's breast line"When did you start here and why am I just finding out bout this now hmmmm ? You know I loves to party."

"I did you don't pick up your phone. I called you five hundred times. So its not my fault hermana ok. So watch ya self Dee." smirked Chasity.

"Oh wordz as bond Nene you just gonna let her talk to me like that? You not even gonna try and help a sista out are ya?" asked Dee looking right at Acira.

"I ain't got nothing to do with that . That's between you and ghetto Rosie Perez over there." laughed Acira.

"Mira first off, I don't look like nor do I sound like no Rosie Perez ok. I'm sexy dammit. Now what do you ladies to drink and or eat its on the house. " Chasity says smiling at her friends pulling out her note pad.

"Really? They're on the house? What's the catch?" Dee asked raising one eyebrow with a smile.

"You have to fuck the dj and his crew. That's the catch. But it's just for you Dee. Now what the fuck you want to order. You know what fuck it, I'll surprise you." Chasity said sarcastically sucking her teeth walking away.

"Bitch I want some hard liquor. Not that bullshit white people type shit." hollers Dee as Chasity walks away.

"Damn, you ghetto as hell." mutters Acira.

Dee looks over at Acira and rolls her eyes back ready to snap back but the lights dimmed down quickly catching Acira's attention. The whole club seemed have a more settled environment. Acira looked around at everyone and it looked like they were in a trance. The dj finally comes to the speaker announcing that the show is about to begin and for people to take their seats. Before he could finish his sentence it seemed to bring the club to life. Everyone starts cheering and hollering. Acira was amazed at how lively the club was and how much they must have really wanted to see whatever show was going on. She is still amazed in her thoughts when Chasity and another waitress bring over the food and drinks.

"Here you go mama. Like I said everything is on the house. Order what you want just please don't cause a scene in this place especially you....."

"Look chick," Dee interrupted,"I don't cause nothing. Ok people make me that way. What I'm suppose to do back down like some scared ass bitch? I don't think so."

"Yeah, whatever punta. Just remember this is my job you at so please keep ya temper down. I actually like working here ok." laughed Chasity pulling up a chair.

"Bitch I thought you were working?" snapped Dee.

"Yeah I'm working. I'm on break so I can do whatever you want. Besides I don't wanna miss the show." smiles Chasity keeping her eyes on the stage.

"What are you waiting for?" asked Acira looking at the stage and back at Chasity who seemed glued to her seat.

"I'm waiting for my baby girl Krystle. She's preforming tonight. She's the star here. She's what people come to see." said Chasity with a smile.

"So when was you going to tell us that you got ya self a new girl. I mean dam sometimes I think you are a guy in a chick body. I swear you change bitches more than most niggas I know." teases Dee sipping down her Alize'.

Before Acira could say anything. The dj called made the announcement.

"Ladies and gentlemen," he began, "I welcome you to Club Expose' . Please enjoy yourselves. We have a lovely show prepared for you tonight. So sit back enjoy the show."

The crowd, mostly the men, began whistling and hollering soon as the music started. The curtains open up with six girls and guys are standing on the stage. Their costumes are skin toned with the sparkle of diamonds. They begin to dance at the sound of the music as if it's the only thing that commands them. The crowd is filled with oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Acira looks on trying to figure out which one is Krystle. Each girl is so beautiful and sexy that she knows any one of the can be her. How she wished she looked like anyone of them. Their bodies looked so perfect in the light . She began to wish she was in anyone of their shoes. She looked at her phone again hoping that Alex had at least texted her. She hated when he left out and did not answer her when she called or texted.

She leaned over to Chasity, "Which one is Krystle?"

"Neither of them are. My baby looks so much more better than these girls. She's on right after this though. Don't worry, you'll meet her soon enough though." smiles Chasity

Acira looks on a unable to take her eyes off the dancers. Their bodies look as if everyone are as one. The dance moves were so spiritually, so sexually, that she felt she could not help but feel so aroused. She wanted to touch herself again like she did earlier. She can feel her pussy tingle once again like it did before in the tub. She knew she was getting wet again. She wanted to pleasure herself again but she knew she was in a public place and could not do it but her body was calling her again.She felt herself bout to give in again like she did once before.Just as she could not stand it no more, the dj spoke once again as if breaking her from her trance.

" I now introduce you to the goddess of the night, the princess of seduction, the one and only Krystle."

There was a round of applause again from the crowd. Chasity stands up and gives a howl. Acira feels herself actually excited. She really wanted to see Krystle. She just wanted to know what the big deal was and why did she have everyone attention including hers. A cloud of smoke covers the whole stage as if it's being swallowed. The smoke clears as the lights change from a blood red to a night time blue. The lights twinkled like little stars as the stage begins to rise at an angle. Acria, Dee, and Chasity look on as a dark figure steps into the blue light holding something in her arms. There, at the top of the stage, stands Krystle in a dark blue bikini holding a nine foot long snake.

A gasp falls over a few people including Acira and Dee.Others that had were still whistling and howling. Acira looked at Chasity and by the look on her face she knew that the was indeed her girlfriend Krystle was talking. The music began to play the beginning to Slow Wind by R.Kelly as she moved across the stage with grace holding this enormous monster as if it weighed a feather. Acira began to study Krystle's body as if she were making notes on how she wanted her body to look.

If there were gods and goddesses left in the world, Krystle was one of them . Everything on her looked so perfect. From the top of her light brown hair, to bottom her black high heels she looked so beautiful. Her peanut butter complexion glistened under the sparkling light. Her ample breasts seemed to sit perfectly on her body. Her stomach showed of her six pack abs that the snake seemed to love as much as everyone in the crowd. She looked at Chasity as she began to hip roll to the beat of the music. She began to wind her hips slowly as the snake began to make its way down her her stomach and covered the mound of her pussy. She winded her hips all the way to the floor propping herself up on her knees careful not to sit on the snake. It was so seductive that it seemed like she was hypnotizing the crowd with her moves.

"What's with that ugly ass snake she got on her arms?" complains Dee with a look on discuss.

"Oh him. That's her baby Damien. Krystle had him for a long time." said Chasity not taking her eyes of the stage.

"Wow she really knows how to work that snake. If it were me, I'd be so scared that I cant even move. How did you meet her that's one and two how long you've been going out?" asked Acira

"We met when I first started working here and that was bout eight months ago. Our eyes locked and i knew right there she was the one for me." Chasity said with a smile.

"You're a such a card. You know that. You mean to tell me all the fine niggas out there in this world, you wanna go dike. You and your snake humping girlfriend need help." snaps a drunken Dee.

" Look punta," glares Chasity turning her head towards Dee. "Don't be bad mouthing me or ma girl. Besides you ain't seen me get crazy yet.

Before Dee had a chance to answer, Chasity got up and walked over to the stage. She props one leg on the edge of the stage and then props her other leg up doing a complete split on the end of the stage. Krystle smiles as Chasity crawls slowly over towards her. With Damien still around her, Krystle begins to crawl towards Chasity.The two girls seemed to be entwined with him wrapped around them as the danced together. Then the male dancers come over to Krystle and Chasity. The curtain closes as Krystle and the other dancers seem to just be surrounding Chasity.

The curtains reopen with Chasity bounded with her arms tied up above her head. Krystle dances over to her and unties her. Krystle takes Damien from off her body and puts him on Chasity before she is carried away by the male dancers. At first Chasity feels a little nervous bout having Damien on her.She never danced with him before and just the thought of him suddenly strangling her, made her stomach a little upset. The dj puts the blue light on Chasity as the next song plays. It gleams on her body showing off her perfect figure.

Chasity begins to dance looking out into the crowds of people. She learned to get over her fear of dancing in front of people by just not focusing on anything in particular. Damien began to make his way down her stomach just as he did with Krystle as she does her back bend. She shows off her gymnastic skills as well as her seductive skills. No matter which way she turned or twisted her body, Damien held on to her skin like glue.

"Did you know Chasity was suppose to be in the show?" asked Acira leaning over to Dee.

"Uh... yeah Nene, I did... and I decided not to tell you." said Dee rolling her eyes. " Damn that girl better stop dancing like that or else she going to be having someone baby."

"Dee, "says Acira looking at her sister's drunken state." No need for the attitude seriously. What is wrong with you?"

"Ain't nothing wrong with me Nene. You need get off my back." snapped Dee reaching for her glass again.

"Look Dee, seriously you need to slow down with the drinks cause its making you more of a bitch than you normally are." says Acira taking Dee's glass away.

"Nene, I do what I want...when I want. Don't you be taking my drink. Now give it back. You don't need to be minding my business. You need to be minding yours and trying to figure out where ya man at." snapped Dee once again.

Acira hated when Dee became drunk. She already was outspoken but when she was drunk she became a true bitch. Her mouth was what got her in trouble many times, but this was the last straw. This time Dee went to far. Acira became enraged with anger but she quickly called down when she realized that Tony, Dee's baby father, had walked through the door with three of his boys and began talking to one of the waitresses. Acira knew that if Dee saw him it, there would have been more drama. Acira knew in Dee's drunken state anything would have been possible.

Acira knew Tony for years and never understood why he stayed with Dee for as long as he did. Tony was way to good for her. He stood about six foot three and had long jet black braids. He looked like he should have been one of those body builders.His hazel eyes could have made any woman fall to her knees. Even though he hung around mostly bad guys, he himself wasn't a bad guy. He worked two jobs and still managed juggle between being a good father, a good boyfriend, dealing with Dee crazy ass. No matter what Dee did to him he still was nice to her , due to the fact she had his child. Acira really felt sorry for him because she knew that as long as Dee was in the picture, Tony would never have a moments peace.

"Dee, don't you think we should go? I mean you look a little tired as well a little sick." Acira says hoping Dee would agree with her.

"Nene, I'm not going anywhere. Ok. I'm fine. I just need to know where the bathroom is cause I gotta piss like a race horse." said Dee getting up from the table.

Before Acira could stop Dee, she disappeared in the crowd. Acira sighed to herself and turned back to the stage. Chasity had just finished her dance. The audience applauded over and over. There were whistles, howls, and shouts from the crowd. She was still in amazement over her friend's performance when she felt a hand on her shoulder to that scared her. She looked up to see Krystle standing next to her. She was so beautiful up close that Acira just stared at her.

"I'm sorry if I startled you, but Chasity told me to come over and say hello to and your sister. Speaking of which where is your sister?" asked Krystle pointing to the empty chair.

"Oh she's in the bathroom." said Acira snapping back into reality."She had a little too much to drink and she just needed to go cool off."

"It's understandable trust me. I see so many people that come in here so drunk and so out of it that the bartender actually calls them a cab. It's crazy." laughs Krystle.

"So you're the imfamous Krystle? You're so sexy. I wanna just take you out and eat you all up. I hope ya novia don't mind. What do you say?" says a voice from behind.

Both girls nervously turned to see Chasity standing there smiling. Both let out a sigh of relief. They all busted out laughing.

"Oh Chasity you really had me going for a second." laughed Acira.

"Yeah baby, you scared me. I thought you were one of these guys in here. I should have known it was you. This is like the fourth time you caught me like that. I'm going to go back to work. Love you ma." laughed Krystle getting up from the table.

"I love you too baby. I'll be out here if you need anything." asked Chasity kissing Krystle on the cheek before she walked away.

"You must really care for her. I mean I never seen you look so happy. You still like playing tricks on people huh?" said Acira taking a sip from her glass.

"Yeah I do. She is my everything I know but The looks on your faces were so priceless. Aye mi! So where's your loud mouth hermana huh?" asked Chasity looking at the empty chair.

"She went to the bathroom. I think. I don't know.I really think she had to much to drink and she needs to go home. I know I wanna get her out of here before she sees Tony." Acira says looking around for Dee.

"Damn, she still beasting him? I thought they were over. Why do she keep trying to make him and who ever he talk to miserable? Damn I mean he don't mess with her and he takes care of his kid so why bother him? That's just straight hood."says Chasity shaking her head in disgust.

Dee walks out of the bathroom and heads over to the bar. She sits downs and orders another drink. She flashes a flirty smile at the bartender as she takes her drink.

"Thank you darling. You know you're such a sweetheart. Me and you should get more acquainted."she said touching the bartender's long braids.

"Thanks babes," he says removing her hand." But I'm going to have to decline the offer. I have a wife at home and I don't believe in cheating on my girl for no one from a bar."

Dee sucks her teeth and rolls her eyes. She spots Tony talking to one of the waitresses out the corner of her eye. A smile comes across her face as she begins to walk over towards him. She loved causing a scene with Tony especially when she threw their son in the mix. She knew no matter what she had him wrapped around her finger and there was nothing no one could do about it.

"So Mr. Tony. You can come to a bar but you can't call and see how your son is doing huh?" says Dee poking Tony in his back.

"Hello Dee," Tony started to say.

"Whatever. What are you doing here? You came to see me haven't you? I knew you couldn't stay away from me." said Dee standing in between Tony and the waitress he was talking to.

"Um Dee,"said Tony removing her arm from around his neck." I did not come here to talk you. I actually came here with the fellas and if I knew you were here I would not have came here. "

"Oh really where's Natalie? Mrs. Prissy bitch . Where she at?" says Dee.

"Natalie is at her mom's for the weekend." said Tony walking around Dee.

"Oh isn't that cute. So you telling me that she left you all alone and knowing that you are one of the sexiest men in town. " said Dee wrapping her arms around Tony's waist.

"Dee, let go. That's one and two Natalie trusts me. It's no need for her to feel self conscience about anything I do cause she knows I'm always coming home to her. Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I was talking to someone." said Tony turning back to the waitress.

"Girl I tell you man, guys be bugging now a days. It's like you tell them no and they still think it means yes." laughs Chasity.

"Yeah I know girl. That's like the bouncer out front. He really thinks he got a chance with me. I'm like man look.... I don't want you." said Dee making a face.

"Yeah I know. I'm actually looking for another job. This is just something temporary until I find something better. Trust me. Me and Krystle both are looking cause now a days people be bugging in here. Going muy loco." said Chasity

Before Acira could respond, there was a commotion over on the other side of the club. Both Chasity and Acira stood up looking around to see what was going on. Crowds of people began rushing over to see what was going on.

"I can't see but I bet you this has Dee written all over it. Come on." says Acira grabbing Chasity by the arm.

"Aye shit mucho drama." sighed Chasity getting up from the chair. "I swear someone gonna beat the holy hell outta her one day. I swear I better not get fired because she could not keep her mouth shut."

As Chasity and Acira push past people in the crowd, they hear yelling and screaming. Acira looked up and saw a the guys that came in with Tony holding him back . Tony was a bright red and he was yelling at the top of his lungs as his boys were pulling him away. Chasity ran over to the other waitress who was drenched with alcohol. Dee was still standing there going off .

"What the hell happened?! I thought you were going to the bathroom. Why are you over here?" asked Acira with a stern look on her face.

"He fucking started it!" yells Dee. "He got all smart and shit!"

"No he didn't. He was talking to me and you came over here messing with him. When he ignored you, you threw ya drink on him and it splashed on me. " said the waitress wiping her face with a paper towel.

"Shut the fuck up bitch before I fuck your ass up too!" yells Dee lounging at the waitress.

"Calm down Dee!" yells Acira grabbing her sister's arm.

Dee is still going off when Chasity comes outta nowhere and slaps her across the face shutting her up and also stunning her.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?! I told you not to come here starting drama." said Chasity grabbing Dee in the collar.

"I am sorry Chasity but you and your party must leave." says the club owner

"But, Marcus I didn't have anything to do with this." pleaded Chasity.

"Your not fired. Just take your friends home cause right now time is money and your guests are messing with my money." says Marcus calmly pointing towards the door.

Chasity just sighs and goes in the back to give Krystle her car keys.

"Baby what's gong on?" asked Krystle with a look of concern on her face.

"Mamita, Dee started some shit and Marcus is like we gotta take her home." groans Chasity

"But I thought we were going to spend time together when we got home." whined Krystle

"Baby we are. I just need to make sure Acira gets her home ok. I'm going with Dee and Acira back to the house. You take the car. That way whatever time you get off you can come get me. You do remember where Acira lives right?" asked Chasity before she kissed Krystle.

"Yeah I remember. If anything I'll call you. " giggled Krystle kissing Chasity on the cheek. "Now go before you get fired. You know how Marcus is. "

"I'm already probably already fired." groaned Chasity slipping on her jeans.

"No you're not. He just don't like people fighting in his club. Just go ahead. I'll talk to him." says Krystle.

Chasity threw on her black jacket and grabbed her bag. She groaned one last time as she kissed Krystle again before heading out the door. She hated leaving Krystle by herself. When she came outside she searched for Acira and Dee.

"Where the fuck are they? I swear to god man if I get fired , I'm killing Dee." Chasity said to herself.

She got ready to ready to walk back into the club when she heard Acira calling her name. She walks over to the car and gets in. Immediately as soon as she gets in the car, Dee starts with her.

"And you bitch," slurred a partly drunken Dee. "If you ever put ya fucking spic hands on me, I'll fucking....,"

Before she can finish her sentence, her phone rings. When she answers it, she begins to talk to whoever is one the phone totally forgetting that she was arguing. Acira looks over at Chasity and just motions for her not to say nothing. Chasity just shakes her head and looks out the window. She knew that one day Dee was going to get what was coming to her.