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Jul 2011

I love my boys and my family, and my chooks for their cheeky nature.

I like to write fiction with a message to pass on for adults and especially for children. I practiced as a fine artist many years ago and will illustrate my work in time to come. Away from work and family, I like to run, swim and practice hot yoga.

At the moment I'm working on several children's stories and a contemporary women's fiction novel called 'Snippets of Sadie'. I've had two short stories published to date:
* 'My favourite teacher taught me to grieve' in the What my favourite teacher taught me anthology (2005), Sea Change Publishing, Sydney.
* 'Disconnected' in the Beyond Words Anthology (2010), Williamstown Literary Festival, Melbourne.

Away from writing, I am up to twenty-four years of professional practice in stakeholder relations in the government, community, education, environment, arts and corporate sectors. I sometimes combine that work with my writing and fine arts skills to work on projects that bring communities together.

I write for the corporate sector and deliver training in stakeholder engagement and communication to the corporate sector, Melbourne University, RMIT and Victoria University, present regularly on community and stakeholder relations across Australia, and do guest talks in schools. I have degrees and diplomas in writing and fine arts, a Masters in Communication and am considering undertaking a PhD.

A community conscience and commitment to social equity and responsibility has led me to serve in an honorary capacity for several organisations that include Arts Victoria, Polyglot Children’s Theatre and Melbourne Water.

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