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Secours Speakers Demo: "Whispering Black" lecture

"Molly Secours practices the best kind of identity politics--the kind that puts a premium on 'politics' and recognizes that our identities are not birthrights but the positions we choose to take. Molly's identity is clear and unambiguous: call her an anti-racist freedom fighter committed to giving white privilege a black eye."

-- Robin D. G. Kelley,
African American Studies Historian, Columbia University,
and author of Freedom Dreams: The Black Radical Imagination

"I've received a ton of positive feedback from students, faculty, and staff about your talk. It was 'dope'--a lucid, engaging, creative, funny, and a nuanced look at the cultural politics of whiteness, including an incisive critique of white supremacy and privilege. I admire your courage as a white woman to name these political realities and the ways in which you raised critical questions about the future our democracy as we pass through a critical cultural and political crossroads ... We continue to experience the positive reverberations of your visit."

-- Andrew Williams,
Director, Multicultural Affairs, Carleton College

"Ms. Secours just spoke on our campus last week. She did an excellent job of framing the discussion of privilege along lines of race. Her personal stories and experiences were profound and dynamic, leaving what I believe to have been a significant impact on a number of our students in attendance. I strongly recommend her to other campuses in our state."

-- Amer Ahmed,
Director Multicultural Affairs, Concordia College, MA

"Molly Secours' invaluable lecture on white privilege and the manifestations of racism in America greatly enhanced my social work students' learning about these social phenomena. They often quote many points from her lecture during class discussion. Thanks, Molly for making my work to teach about these maladies much easier."

-- Jacqueline E. Wade,
Dept. of Social Work, Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN

"Molly Secours is a brilliant speaker and pamphleteer whose eloquence makes her a powerful spokesperson for progressive American values. Hers is a voice of righteous reason, speaking truths that are can be difficult to hear for those who find solace in self-deception."

-- Ellis Cose,
Contributing Editor of Newsweek Magazine
and author of Bone to Pick and Envy of the World

"More and more I find young people both unaware and uncaring about the history of our racist culture and its contemporary implications. How refreshing it is to have Molly Secours both aware and caring, writing and speaking with authority and passion about a shameful past that must not be forgotten."

-- John Seigenthaler,
Chair Founder and President, Vanderbilt University First Amendment Center

"Molly Secours is the finest public speaker I have heard in ages. What she has to say is substantive, rhetorically potent and free of unsupported assertions. She has fine command of the language and an engaging presence. Truly a 'rara avis.'"

-- H. Jackson Forstman,
Dean, Emeritus and Finney
Professor, Emeritus The Divinity School Vanderbilt University

"Molly Secours brings to the table a sense of knowledge and compassion on the issue of racism and justice that is so lacking in what we hear from typical 'diversity training' speakers. You simply must hear her."

-- Dr. Ray Winbush,
Director Urban Research, Morgan State University
and author of Warrior Method: Raising Healthy Young Black Boys in America and Should America Pay?

"Molly Secours is an uncompromising fighter for racial equity and social justice, the type of person who is in too short a supply nowadays, but who we need more of. Her writing and speaking styles blend humor and passion in a way that few can match, and her ability to get white folks to examine our own internalized racism is second-to-none."

-- Tim Wise,
author, speaker, anti-racist intellectual,
Nashville, TN

"In social and political matters, a reformer needs persistence and righteous indignation. In personal relationships, success comes through gentleness and compassion. Few of us achieve a really good balance of public and private virtues. Molly Secours reflects an unusual exemplary balance of the two. She is able to communicate with incisive clarity the significance and deep truths of loving and healing in both. Molly reflects the joyful fulfillment in being wholly human. Hallelujah!"

-- Reverend Bill Barnes,
community leader and civil rights activist,
Nashville TN

"Molly was one of the first speakers at our big Nashville peace rally. She was eloquent, passionate, moving and very well-informed. After she had spoken everything changed. Before, we knew we had a cause; afterwards we knew we had an unanswerable case. Molly Secours was the difference. She has incredible presence and conviction -- a great speaker."

-- David Wood,
Professor of Philosophy, Vanderbilt University
and organizer, Vanderbilt Forum for Peace

"Molly Secours not only talks the talk, she also walks the walk! She speaks with enthusiasm -- fire, even! -- yet her presentations are well-documented and thought-provoking. Having worked with her on a national commission, as well as on city-wide rallies, I know that she always has a positive contribution to make -- and in an interesting way. And I believe that college students and community residents alike will be drawn to her as an attractive, believable human being."

-- Fred Cloud, D. Min.,
President, Human Relations Consultation Services, Nashville, TN;
Chairperson, Tennessee Fair Housing Council;
Associate Professor of Social Sciences, American Baptist College

"Molly Secours brings an uncommon clarity to matters of race and social justice. This hands-on activist has spent time connecting the dots on issues that matter. You will be informed, and maybe even transformed. Get ready. Get set. Go see for yourself."

-- Judy Freudenthal,
Clinical Director of Counseling, Oasis Center Inc.

"Molly Secours is a prophetic voice for our time. In her writing and in her public speaking, she delivers an urgent message with clarity, wit, force and compassion. As a white activist against racism, Molly demonstrates a rare and complex understanding of the multiple implications of racism for people of color and white people in the U.S. and internationally. She is an outstanding choice for organizations and communities seeking a speaker or workshop leader with a powerful yet loving and inclusive social justice perspective. She has the courage to see whats not working in our world, and the vision and eloquence to show us that another world is possible."

-- Victor Lee Lewis,
Diversity Trainer, Center For Diversity Leadership

"Molly Secours is energetic and she writes from the heart. Molly also writes with a definite edge and pulls no punches in whatever she writes."

-- Dwight Lewis,
op-ed columnist, editorial board member/weekend regional editor for The Tennessean

"I read your 'Beware Black Areas' column in The Tennessean with great interest. I am afraid that what you describe happens all too often. . . . In most cases, such discrimination goes unreported and unpunished, usually because the victim of it is unaware it has occurred. Thank you for your efforts to raise awareness of housing discrimination in Nashville."

-- Tracey McCartney,
Executive Director of the Tennessee Fair Housing Council

"Molly represents a voice rarely heard in today's global activist community. She is a strong, passionate white woman who fiercely inspires with a perspective many have, few hear and even fewer stand up and proudly claim. Watching her speak recently at the Nashville Peace Rally ... I witnessed the embodiment of what it means to live by your convictions. Her words and energy command action."

-- Kathy Conkwright,
Emmy Award-winning documentary producer, public television

"When Molly Secours speaks, you get the whole package -- passion, intellect, insight, and a social context. But you also get something more uncommon these days -- a deep and abiding ethical commitment to say what needs to be said and not simply what people want to hear. And amazingly, she does it with wit and an elegant style of blue-collar élan. Molly is the real deal!"

-- Randy Tatel,
Tennessee Coalition Against State Killing

"Too few people see injustice for what it really is, and even fewer can put it into words. Molly Secours does both. And her passion for her vision makes others begin to see with their own eyes, their own consciences and their own hearts."

-- R. Reese Fuller,
Senior Writer, The Times of Acadiana
Lafayette, Louisiana

"In her writing and film-making, Molly Secours uses her passion for fairness and common sense as twin guides. The result is work that brings a thought-provoking, unusually personal perspective to big issues, and which entertains as it informs."

-- Coke Sams,
Partner, Ruckus Films

"Ms. Secours has the ability to be both interesting and highly credible at the same time. Her background experience as a writer, journalist together with her simple delivery of the facts combine to make for a persuasive personality and a most intriguing speaker."

-- Joe Wincze,
President of the Fair Housing Association of Connecticut

"Thanks, Molly, for your bravery and thoughts. We will continue your line of thinking."

- Dennis R. Hidalgo,
Assistant Professor, History Department, Adelphi University

"The city of Memphis hasn't stopped buzzing about you yet. In fact, the mayor called in after you hung up and was so complimentary. Thank you so much."

-- Talk-show host Janis Fullilove,
following Secours' appearance on WDIA in Memphis

"With great interest I read your article 'Intervention & Impeachment;' I was pleased by your straightforward and clear words and the thoughtful comparisons and hints towards certain conclusions."

-- Dr. Haimo L. Handl,
political scientist in Vienna, Austria