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House Of Alchemy (Phase 2 Trailer)


Inspired by a brutal regimen of chemotherapy treatments for stage IV uterine cancer, Molly Secours draws on her personal experience of transformation and change.  


The Impact

What if all the suffering, pain and 'crap' that you have experienced (or witnessed) in life were offering you something much deeper, richer and more profound than expected?


What if the tragedy and hardship was calling to you in a way that redefined and transformed the person you only imagined yourself to be.  


Some of the individuals we meet have skillfully and accidentally sifted through the raw materials of circumstance where early childhood, trauma, illness, disappointment, abuse and heartbreak lay buried. 

With perseverance, grace and often with humor, these conjurers stoke the fires of humility and creativity and offer the components of transformation to those embarking on a journey for change.



For more of Molly Secours videos: http://www.vimeo.com/mollysecours