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the closeted one
Update: Since the time this article was published several days ago, Senator Brian Kelsey quietly removed his name from his proposed, B2566 "Turn The Gays Away Bill" acknowledging that he faced considerable opposition in his district.   Senator Brian Kelsey needs You! As you may or...
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Surviving Survivorhood
Reprinted from Nashville Scene Magazine August 22nd 2013   In March of this year, I was declared five years in remission from stage IV uterine cancer. Although I'd spent the last several years imagining the dramatic high-five moment with my oncologist and the blow-out party celebrating...
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white teen.jpg
(Note: If you are moved by this article, as always please post, tweet, share or shout from the rooftop. In the world of a billion voices it takes friends sharing with friends to be read these days.) In light of the George Zimmerman verdict, the following is a brief excerpt from "The White Privilege...
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Once upon a time a man lied about taking performance enhancing drugs, won many medals, made lots of money and made alot of other people lots of money and along with some other people lied some more. In the process he made a sport very famous and very profitable and the people cheered--except for...
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Cyntoia during trial
Last year the documentary, Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story by critically acclaimed filmmaker Dan Birman was featured on NPT and PBS stations nationwide as part of the Independent Lens series. The film follows Cyntoia Brown, a 16 year-old whose troubled journey with drug and...
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Imagination & Reflection
Ask anyone with a teenage son to imagine their 17-year old child running home from the store in the rain with a bag of snacks and being followed and and eventually chased by a stranger. Imagine the pursuer is 10 years older, 20 pounds heavier, armed with a weapon and deems your child a threat...
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For Trayvon
All too often tragedy and illness strike whether through violence, illness or neglect.  And very often it takes us humans a while before realizing that our response to the crisis is a flashing neon sign indicating something is out of alignment and we are signaled to listen--closely. And so it...
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They Are Troy Davis
  Ironically, I am supposed to be writing a shooting script for a music video called "Two Kings" about Martin Luther King and Elvis and the revolutions they both inspired.  Instead, I cannot stop thinking about Troy Davis' state sponsored killing last evening: death by lethal injection...
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House Of Alchemy
  What if all the suffering, pain and 'crap' that you have experienced (or witnessed) in life were offering you something much deeper, richer and more profound than expected? What if the tragedy and hardship was calling to you in a way that redefined and transformed the person you only...
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Simone Says
  It's been nearly three and a half years since life was interrupted and upended by a surprise stage IV cancer diagnosis followed by a fairly brutal regimen of chemotherapy and radiation. Since then much has morphed and changed--inside and out. I grew a new pair of eyes and since emerging from...
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arianna with lapdogs.jpg
Dear George, Danny & Sean: Please forgive the intrusion of a public letter but in spite of the fact that two of you have actually written blogs for the Huffington Post (and one of you was apparently misquoted) it is quite possible that you are three of the last Hollywood celebrities--...
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"Give me the free labor of one black person for one year; I would be a rich man.  Give me the free labor of a dozen black people for one year; I would be a very rich man.  Give me the free labor of millions of black people for 250 years; I would be America!...
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Imagine a young girl that has been abandoned early on by her biological mother and grandmother — who both share a history of emotional instability (including drug and alcohol abuse) and several generations of suicidal behavior. In spite of being adopted and nurtured by a loving family, by her teen...
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 Several days ago I got a personal email from Arianna Huffington—or so I thought. Even though I’ve been contributing articles to Huffington for a little over a year, I have never actually had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Huffington and my imagination went wild when I saw that the subject line read “...
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After granting an exclusive interview with Katie Couric last week and then being accused of pandering to the liberal media, God accepted an invitation by Rupert Murdoch to give equal time to Fox News. After vigorous arm wrestling and a fierce round of rock, paper, scissors, Sarah Palin won the...
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