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new title from the new Darlington Richards

Darlington Richards are proud to announce the launch of their first title:

The Plenitude of Emptiness
hortensia anderson : collected haibun

The book was released just a week ago and already 50 copies have been purchased with a swipe of a credit or paypal card from:


Introduced by Jim Kacian senior editor, Contemporary Haibun (http://tinyurl.com/yfup3nm )

"If haibun didn’t exist, it’s possible that Hortensia Anderson would
have had to invent it"

Back cover blurb from Maria Steyn

"[Hortensia's] haibun are executed in brief..., delicate brushstrokes that skilfully weave the ethereal and wistful through the harsh realities of life"

and a shout just in:

"I have my copy already dog-eared and it is brand new! The haibun are potent and profoundly moving. This is a must-read....

Get this book!
Denis M. Garrison
owner MET Press (http://www.themetpress.com)

18 preview pages available for the flipping through: