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Writing and Exhaustion: How to cope

Writing is one of the most rewarding things a person can do that requires so little. A piece of paper and a pen, a flutter of keystrokes on a keyboard. The freedom of expression and clearing your head of thoughts is sublime. But what about when you feel like you can hardly keep your eyes open? Or it's the first free second you've had all day to enjoy all to yourself? Decisions... decisions. I've learned to persevere, fight through the heavy, tired eyelids that wear me down and beg for me to cave in to my sleepiness. No one ever said making the time is easy. We all can make excuses for why we don't write enough, or why we "couldn't find the time" to do so. But excuses will be the end of you if you let them. When I was eighteen, I attended a seminar at a university where a professor was giving a speech about how to achieve your dreams. I can't remember the man's name for the life of me, but I remember his message ten years later. "Make no excuses in life," he said, repeatedly. There were many other words of advice he gave that day but that stuck with me. It's simple really, but something that people like you and me can be guilty of without even realizing. So that leads me to the idea that even when I'm tired, I haven't slept, there are shows on my DVR calling my name for me to watch them, I'm almost six months pregnant and my almost-toddler kept me up all night, when all I want to do is crawl in bed and sleep, I don't let myself do it. I write or read or do something that challenges my mind and makes me grow. I'll sleep when I'm dead... or when there are no excuses left to use without realizing I'm making one up to avoid what I should really be doing. No writer ever achieved greatness by procrastinating and no bestseller ever wrote itself while its author was sleeping, I can safely assume.