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Nan A. Talese Spring 2005 Reader (limited edition) [2004]
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Mitch gives an overview of the book:

Excerpts from "A Slight Trick of the Mind"
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Excerpts from "A Slight Trick of the Mind"

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About Mitch

Born in New Mexico during the "crossfire hurricane" year of 1968 , Mitch Cullin is the author of eight books of fiction, including the novel-in-verse Branches, The Cosmology of Bing, UnderSurface, and the globe-spanning story collection...

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Cullin is an unusually sophisticated theorist of human nature, and this book is first and foremost an analysis of Holmes -- both as a fictional character and as an embodiment of the human drive to make...


By Mitch Cullin.
192 pp. Chester Springs, Pa.:
Dufour Editions. $22.

By Mitch Cullin.
Illustrated by
Ryuzo Kikushima.
197 pp. Sag...